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Hey everybody,
I just got myself an 84 Maxim 1100. All the lights on the dash are on for the computer monitoring system, and the tach doesn't work. Only at high RPM's my tach cuts in and the dash lights go to normal. When I go to shift and drop the RPM's it all goes funky again. I was able to run the bike for a couple days with no problems, but then one day I went for a ride and when I stopped it wouldn't start. Dead battery. So I charged it back up, came back over and drove it back home. Then we started testing everything and found no problematic areas. The stator tested out good, voltage regulator was replaced and all fuses checked along the way. There is nothing visibly wrong, but I still can't find the problem. Is there anyway that there could be a wire going to the tach and CMS, that could have gotten pinched off and causing it not to charge up again? This has got me puzzled, and it's been sitting for too long this summer. Any help would be great.

Thanks, Lugnut
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