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I used to ride a shoei 1/2 and bought a Cirus (low end) full for the colder weather but replaced the old shoei with a Scorpion 3/4, and havent worn the full helmet since.
The Scorpion has a great sunvisor and with the faceshield on, it provides me as good wind protectin as any full helmet Ive worn. The optics are great and when in the up postion its complately out of the way and dont catch wind (youll forget its there) and when in down position you cant see any of the edges so it dont obstruct your field of view at all.
If your wanting a full helmet for injury protection I realize none of this helps but I was never comfortable with the narrowed visability from the bigger helmets and once read an article comparing the weight of the helmet to whiplash injuries and they actually being more common then facial contact. That article (if I remember correctly) was in Boulevard magazine back in about 1995 and thats why I decided on the smaller shoei helmet, which I honestly was never satisfied with.
Good luck
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