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New Iron Butt record set on Duc Multistrada

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Yeah! Go MS!

It is the most comfortable bike I have had (and I had a CBRXX and a Futura, amongst others).

Glad to see the record set straight.

(heh heh, first post)
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Multi-Stradas are cool, I wonder if he had the stock seat on it. That's probably what kept him awake.

Kind of an interesting choice all the same, not really something you'd expect to go cross continent on..
I thought that the premise of "Iron Butt" was that you didn't stop except for gas. But looks like this person stopped for naps.

I'm not knocking the accomplishment (still 56 miles per hour average), or the needed safety of stopping for some sleep, but just curious on the rules around this club.
Eagan is a Ducati legend. His previous records were set on a ST4.
Makes me almost regret calling it the Multiugly on a previous post.


Congrat's all the same. How much time would he have saved on another bike. You know, all those people who gripe about the 4 hour valve adjustments every 1000 miles that they say Ducs need. He could have knocked alot of time off . . . ;)

He probably used lock-tite on the valves so the adjustment wouldn't change

It's an old Ducati racing trick
I feel they're more about providing an opportunity to learn about and experience Long Distance riding with the experiance and help of others in the world who enjoy that type of torture. It's not about goiung ballstothewall fast but more about learning the formula which allows for amazing seat time in a safe manner.

Everybody sleeps. Some of the shorter events like a SaddleSore1000 can be done by me in a "safe and sane" manner in about 14 hours. No naps needed. A 50 CC , coast to coast in under 50 hours, might be done by some without rest but I stopped for a 3 hr nap in Oklahoma when I did mine. I had another short nap in New Mexico but I finished in 48 hrs 20 min.

The trick I've found to "safe and sane" endurance riding is consistant time with stops taken when needed. That along with all the other LD riding tips found at the Ironbutt Association's website.
I thought it was Tomato sauce?

...or maybe it was a Pesto sauce. I'll have to contact Corse.
Well at leasrt this should answer any questions about Ducati's reliability these days. One of these would probably be a good choice for the Alaska trip. Too bad they are like $5K more than a V-Strom 1000. Cheaper than the BMW 1200 GS, though. Lighter, too.
Great..Reuters put it under "Oddly Enough". Try WSJ's online Opinion Journal and go to James Taranto's daily "Best of the Web". Look for "Not too Brite" for another take on "oddly enough"
the page says, "The Multistrada Eagan will ride is mechanically totally stock. He has added a six-gallon auxiliary fuel cell, Light Force Driving lamps, a one-off windscreen made by Aeroflow’s Paige Ortiz and a custom seat made by Rich’s Custom Saddles in Seattle."
Ducati reliability....

Well, Bike just did an italian exotica test, both the 749 AND 999 had problems, the 749 big problems...
Re: Ducati reliability....

Good point. Apparently the exotic Duck racers make no concessions for speed. However the air-cooled models, STs etc., appear to hold up pretty well.

At least they aren't called "Ducati Time Bombs" any more.
Ugliest Bike I've ever seen... but....

Hey. This is what's all about. This is a rider boys. I could care less about your lap times. Tell me how much time you spend in the saddle. This is one helluva machine, and one helluva determined S.O.B. in the saddle.

God Bless ya Buddy!
The seat on my Triumph was custom made by Rich, very comfortable black leather with some stitching I wanted.

Rich does the Iron Butt on his K12LT so he knows his buisness.
Re: Ducati reliability....

One of the A/C engines would be my choice also for a Ducati. Checking and adjusting a two valve desmo can't be that hard

We've never heard buzz complain about his ST4 but I don't know if I'd like to spend the extra tinker-time doing a four valve head.

My choice for an Alaska trip would be a neon green Tiger, easier to spot in a snow bank.
Long distance riding is about achieving a goal, and knowing how to achieve it. If your goal is as many miles in 24 hours as possible, then naps may not be necessary. But if your goal is to ride from Alaska to Florida, chances are you will be napping (hopefully while the bike is stopped).

Ironbutt rules center primarily around keeping LD riding safe. Many LD rallies will have bonus locations that encourage taking time off the bike to sleep. Also, if you look at the sleep habits of sailors who attempt solo around-the-world trips, the way they get by without sleeping for long periods of time (e.g. 8hrs at a stretch) is by napping.
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