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New Iron Butt record set on Duc Multistrada

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Yeah! Go MS!

It is the most comfortable bike I have had (and I had a CBRXX and a Futura, amongst others).

Glad to see the record set straight.

(heh heh, first post)
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This is not record set on a Duc, this is record set on a Rich's Custom Saddle. I think there should be a special class for bone stock Ducs. You could easily recognize the comptetitors by their sumo wrestler walking style.

- cruiz-euro
He also nearly missed Darwin Awards

- curiz-euro
Nothing in the Iron Butt rules says anything about stock bikes. Outfitting your ride is part of it.
Re: Three Cheers for Rich...

Excellent news about the seat from Rich's Custom Saddles. Those of us around Seattle have known Rich and about Rich's work for years. (I have his saddles on three bikes.) Unfortunately, this probably means getting one of his seats will be even more expensive and time consuming than is already the case.
Specifically there should be a class for the Hailwood, (MH900e?). That thing appears to be the mother of all torture racks, although I'd still like to ride it once or twice...
This whole story is a lie. There is no way this slow, ugly, uncomfortable, overpriced, outdated technology, ugly (er...wait, I already said ugly, guess it's so ugly I had to say it twice) motorcycle accomplished this incredible feat.

Everyone knows a Ducati can't make it out of the driveway without needing a valve adjustment. Everyone knows they are so ugly hapless pedestrians turn to stone at just single glance like Medusa herself rode past.

It'' much to spinning out of control...time rushing past me...must go touch a Honda...nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Right, God knows it's the seat that makes or breaks a motorcycle being able to make it nearly 6000 miles across North America. Hell, I hear Iron Butt is going to change the rules and eliminate the suspension, frame, and engine all together and just drag the competitors with a rope on a custom seat behind a pickup truck next year.
You are right, kowalk. Its not the saddle, its the bike. No other bike could possibly go 6000 miles without breaking down.

Since "Iron Butt" is all about the durability of the bike it should be called "Iron Bike With a Custom Seat".

- cruiz-euro
I know I know, you've been told as I always heard that Duc's are made to be passed and they sit at the dealership waiting fore a valve adjustment. I rode Honda for 23 years knowing I couldn't afford Duc parts much less their monthly payments. But after burning up a VFR800FI with 29,000mi and 2 dozen track days I wanted a head turning blacktop burning SOB with some attitude. My ST4S has ridden to Daytona in March from Balto, been a daily commuter in all weather and just came back from Charleston SC at high speed. Is it a Honda with smooth everything, no. It's a Ducati baby. I love it. $550 for the 6,000 mile check up and 2 shims needed adjustment. It wheelies in 2nd gear fully loaded and rumbles at 4,100rpm at 95mph in 6th. Gotta love it.

The typical non-rider question is what do you ride--- a Harley? Response- No, a Ducati. Question mark all over their face. Never got that on a Honda. Cheers. :)

BTW- A ducati with carbon fibre pipes and open clutch never get a stone glance when they ride by--people wonder what the hell was that .....
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Just to poke another hole in the fabric of the ducati myth, Gary also put 100k miles on his ST4 in about 2 years while competeing in various rallys.
This makes my mind drift back to Aaron Frank's article in Motorcyclist and the outrage of a bunch of folks over his Iron Butt ride on his R1 and IBA disqualifying his ride. The way I see it, if Gary Eagan stopped every 8 hours for a 1 hour nap he would have to AVERAGE 67 MPH to make the 5,632 miles in 100 hours. Now since the article states that he had to deal with dirt roads, an accident that required repairs to the bike (delaying him at least several hours), border guards (which had to delay him easily another 1/2 to 1 hour) and traffic, I'd say he was making 80 MPH or better where he could to make a 56 - 67 MPH average. I'm sure Gary will be keeping quiet about this fact unless he wants to be disqualified like Aaron Frank.
I read that article- Great comment there. Gotta love the hypocrisy of an institution like the IBA- Falling into line with the rest of America's fanatical pursuit of the holy state of "political correctness".
I think the denial by Kneebone (IBA) had to do with culpability as the recognizing body. Had Aaron Frank kept his mouth shut about high-speed wheelies and triple digit runs while performing an IBA recognized event he would have been fine. Instead he goes freekin' public with it. Not smart.

Personally I think Aaron Frank is a whiny crybaby. If he wants to ride 2000 miles in under 48 hours and then write about it then more power to him. As an individual he has that right. If, however, he wishes that ride to be recognized by the IBA he must conform to their rules and keep his mouth shut in the public forum about any antics which are against the rules.

I've done many IBA events from SS1000 (documented) to The National Parks tour. My proudest moment was pulling into San Luis Obispo to complete my 50cc. I would never have made it if that couple in the BMW hadn't shown up just past Barstow. He knew the highway and he was a great driver. It was pretty much just he and I on the road and we were flying. I had missed a couple gas receipts and had to take a few more naps than expected so I didn't submit it to the IBA for verification. I knew I would be denied.

Eagan is a brilliant LD rider. He's also an animal to take on Alaska to Key West. I would imagine he's also smart enough to know what to talk about in print and what to tell friends.
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ST3 service costs

Anyone know what the recommended valve adjustment and timing belt replacement intervals are for the new ST3?

I like Ducatis, always have, but I ride too many miles and am too cheap, to put up with the high maintnenance costs.

I'm looking for a lighter, more nimble sport tourer to complement my old ST1100 but the ST4s is too expensive to maintain, the Futura is on the way out of production, and the current Sprint ST is just too old and bland. The ST3 might fit the bill if they get the service costs under control. I don't want to go the FJR1300 route, but may not have any choice.
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