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The July 2007 issue of IJMS is now online: International Journal of Motorcycle Studies

From the IJMS site:
This issue focuses on the complex connections between bike and rider, and persistent efforts in the United States, Britain and Australia to resist negative stereotypes originating in America in the 1950s. Mary K. Coffey and Jeremy S. Packer show the dangers of separating man from machine, examining museum displays as recent attempts to manage the image of the motorcycle and tame its riders by divorcing the two. By contrast, other contributors focus on riding as an active strategy of resistance to negative stereotypes, in particular the "outlaw" biker image. Ed Youngblood shows that a new style of bike introduced in America in the 1970s-the dirt bike-changed perceptions of motorcycling, making it an all-American, athletic activity. In Britain, Suzanne McDonald-Walker argues, bikers also united against unfair, negative images, with a positive result: the creation of bikers' rights organizations. Gary Winn explores how racing vintage bikes has created a new future for motorcycling. Finally, Richard Hutch demonstrates that speed is a magical elixir, and that riding a motorcycle-regardless of geography, social class, or type of bike-can become a shamanistic experience of spiritual transcendence.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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