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The new 950 Duke looks to redefine hooligan. My license couldnt take it thats for sure.

I am eagerly awaiting what the 950 Adventure looks like with a set of hard bags. I love the new BMW GS 1150 Adventure but could really do without about 200 lbs of it. Though I really dig the aluminium bags and hope KTM offers something of the like. Now whats the seat going to be like on the 950 adventure? My ex KLR 650 had a seat for about 60 miles then it was squirm time (big a$$ + thin soft seat = pain in the...). Though it pains me even more to immediatly have to go out and buy a $500+ Corbin. The BMW Adv has a wide, flat and firm seat, just hoping KTM follows suit as I cant tell for the pics Ive seen to date. Looks a little rounded which is good off road but not so good while burning thousands of miles on the slab. Which would be required for me to get from CA to Alaska and back. I am also eager to find out what the charging system puts out and how easy it is wire up acc sockets and heated grips. BMW has you covered there...
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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