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I can't wait for KTM to come out with their Hooligan bike, but I've never understood the fuss over these "adventure" models.

The V-Strom, the Tiger, all those Beemers and the like, what do these things offer that separate themselves from a sport tourer? They ride higher. Who cares? SUVs ride higher and look where they all spend their time, on the street. Even if you do take the bike offroad, how much can you really do with it? These things are full sized, heavy street bikes, not light weight dirt bikes.

I think KTM should build a bike with an optional winch that could mount either to the bike or the helmet just in case of especially rugged terrain. They could engineer a specially designed fold-out tent that sits atop the bike supported by steel-trellis and uses the engine as a stressed member. The head-light could be designed to rotate upward and electronically protrude a small cannon out of which a flair coated in Diamond Like Carbon (for reduced stiction) could be lauched in case of emergency. When jumping from cliff to cliff all you would need to do is hit the turbo boost button or just say "turbo boost" and K.I.T. (the KTM Intelligence Technolog......thingy) would complete the action and reply, "yes Michael", for example. It could be programmed to say whatever name you wanted, really. Hey, and if your bike should run out of boosting power, all taken care of, the internal exhaust mounted parachute would automatically deploy after a short hang-time of 13.8 seconds. Landings would be very comfortable thanks to ever-lengthening forks and shock which should absorb any impact the parachute fails to negate. By now you'd be in a new place and the adventure could start all over again. What a bike!!!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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