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New KTM LC8?

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Re: Overlooked brands

Guzzi has been somewhat overlooked as well.
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Re: R1100S

Italian manufacturers have made great strides in quality over the past few years without losing the essential character of the machine. Conversely, I find the latest offerings from Japan Inc. to be too plastic, but they are value priced relative to euro brands.

Regarding the comparo, the BMW 1100S is a wonderful machine, but totally different "in feel" from a goose despite the similar engine layout. In short, my 1100S has advanced engineering, excellent build quality and instills confidence under all riding conditions no matter what the speed. My goose has soul.
An other crack at explaining...

First, you have to divide these bikes into two categories:

Category one is bike like the R1150GS and the Suzuki V-Strom. They are never intended to really go off road. They are comfortable, easy to ride bikes that will handle a dirt or gravel road and work incredibly well on twisty, narrow back roads. They will never match a super sport bike's time on a race track but in the real word they do very well. A 110 x 19 front tire puts about the same amount of rubber on the road as a 120 x 17 but the long, narrow foot print provides a very stable, reassuring feel. Add the high, wide bars and you get a bike that is easy on bad backs (the long distance to the pegs is easy on bad knees as well) and can still be made to turn quickly because of the increased leverage. Also, the "Adventure Tourer" name and styling makes them much more palatable than an old, boring "Standard" which is what they really are.

The second category are bike like the old (R80 and R100) GS BMWs, KLR650s and the KTMs. These bikes are identified by 21 inch front wheels and much less weight. Even the very porky (relative to the group) post '90 R100GS was close 500 pounds ready to ride after removing some of the non-essential but government required junk. While not dirt bikes they will take a rider (and a tent, food, sleeping gear and such) in relative comfort to a distant dirt road and then further down that road and a single track trail off that road than people who haven't tried them would believe. You will not be doing any triple jumps or flying over whoops but a successful stream crossing on bike this size can be pretty rewarding. I can report that an R100GS heavily loaded with camping gear and a large rider will indicate about 90 MPH across a dry lake bed and provide a large thrill to the rider.

And yes, just like every type of bike a fair number of adventure tourers are purchased by posers who will never use anywhere near the full potential of the bike. BMW's new R1150 Adventurer is pretty much a Range Rover with two wheels and is, I believe, aimed directly at these people. The bigger bags and extra fuel are nice but knobbies on a six hundred + pound bike? Pretty much the same thing as guy standing next to a 996SPS with no wear on the tires within an inch of the edge of the tread or the "biker" on his $30K Harley who has never ridden more than 25 miles from his four thousand square foot, tri-level executive home in the gated community and couldn't find the sparkplugs without help.

I'm hoping the new KTM will set new standards in the second category, we'll see.
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Re: Overlooked brands

I have a V11 Sport, the Rosso Mandello version, and absolutely love it. It vibrated a lot the first thousand miles or so, but it has really smoothed out and I imagine will continue to do so as the engine accumulates miles. It did used to make my hands numb, but not at all any more.

Also, keep in mind that "a lot" of vibration was in comparison to an inline 4. I spent a little time on a friend's BMW R1100S. The BMW vibrated more in the seat than my Guzzi, and not a whole lot less through the bars. And, I found the BMW was really a pain to turn, like it was resisting countersteering input.

The V11 Sport isn't the fastest bike out there, but it makes decent torque, is super stable and the exhaust note is Italian baritone at it's best.
Re: Overlooked brands

The bike I rode was a 2002 LeMans, so this is about as refined as they get...
Re: Foreign Roads?

I know. But I 'm from a small island in the eastern mediterranean (Cyprus) so I am allitle biasedtowards places a little closer to home...

Anyway it all depends on what you want to do with your bike.
Re: Foreign Roads?

Great riding in the US, (Just back from Oregon) Fantastic trails all over the place. Funnily enough, I then went to Cycprus, where I got back from yesterday evening.. fantastic too.. Plenty of off road riding, great food, LOTSA WATER and TRAFFIC COPS.

Err... have to disagree about the r1150GS. I've just been burning through lake beds and up ungraded trails on mine for two weeks in Oregon and California. Ok, so when you dump it, it's heavy, but it bounces very well. And it gets you there. Of course you have to not mind that you;re doing this to a $14k+ bike....... No way I'd have been able to do what I did on a tourer. Would have been good work on a trails bike too, although I have to admit it was always dry.....
Oh.. and yes, the KTM might have been a better choice for the off road section. It's going to be interesting to find out how they are trawling through 500mile tarmac sections to get there though....

This V-Twin thing is a fad

I don't think it's going to last. KTM is making a big mistake by investing in this obvious fad.
Re: This V-Twin thing is a fad

how is it a fad? did V-Twins just show up yesterday? As far as I know v-twins have been around forever, i think that kills the whole dictionary meaning of fad.
Call 'em up. Some of the euro-trash have been riding them, it appears. How about the 950 Adventure, that's the one I'm interested in.
I put about 25K on an R1100GS and while it would go off road I can't say it was any fun. My R100GS was actually fun off road. I can't say I did anything more than survive my off road travels on the 1100*. To be fair, the R11 was vastly better on pavement. Your question about the KTM's comfort (and maybe reliability) on pavement is, IMO, the $64,000 question about the LC8.


*My first real off road ride on the R11GS was fun until the 4WD road I was on disappeared into a huge piece of granite with a 20 to 30 degree slope along my direction of travel. Just to keep me alert, the down side ended in a small cliff and it was covered in small rocks (scree). I got to the other side, met the friends I was camping with (mostly in 4X4s, the wimps), had a great evening of male bonding (fire arms played with and safely stored before large amount of beer and other intoxicants were consumed) and crossed it again in the morning but I can't say I had any illusion about my bike being an off-roader after that. I can say the stretch of granite was even less fun with a slight hangover.

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Re: This V-Twin thing is a fad

i·ro·ny n. pl. i·ro·nies

1. A. The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.

B. An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.

C. A literary style employing such contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect.

See Synonyms at "wit".
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Re: This V-Twin thing is a fad

Sorry dude, but we couldn't see you wink! Try a smiley icon or somethin'.
Re: Local KTM dealer

No, actually it's Ron & Brian's Suzuki, about 29 miles North of you in Waukegan.
You should see what Royal Enfield is coming out with next year!
Adventure vs. Duke

---As I read the stories, the 950 Duke won't be out until '04, while the Adventure (the KTM Adventure-I can't believe BMW and KTM have such a limited repirtoire of names that they both pick the same one) is due out in '93.

---So, should one wait for the 950 Duke or what is the disadvantage to the Adventure, sooner, instead?
Re: Adventure vs. Duke

Jay:they are different bikes..........If you want an all out street fighter you want to wait for the Duke.If you want a nice street weapon with more comfortable ergonomics that can do some light tour duty and unpaved roads(like camping trips in west Virginia or treks through the high desert on unpaved roads),Im hoping the Adventurer fits the bill. Ive gotta do 3hrs on highways to reach my favorite West Virginia back roads.....the LC4 isnt really good for this........but the BMWGS1150 is too heavy for what I do when I get there .Im hoping the LC8 fits the bill betweem these two.
Yesterday I was visiting my local (regional?) KTM dealer in Santa Cruz, Ca, to get an update on the arrival of the much anticipated 950 Adventure. I was told that we'd be seeing them sometime in May. The dealers have to go to school first. I guess my dealer is going in March. Many are intrigued by the prospect of a large dual sport that can truly handle both sides of the "dual" well. As opposed to others in the range we know that KTM has the dirt side knocked. The interesting part will be how they handle the road side. How about a first impression followed by a comparison? I'd like to see something following some part of the Trans America trail. Proof in the pudding and all that...
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