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New Member in Pacific Northwest

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Hi everybody, Im a new member. I have an 81 Honda CB750-4. And Im currently looking around for 4 cone filters for my 4 carb setup. Im kind of excluded from ordering online. Is there any place locally (Tacoma Area) that Ican find some cone air filters for my bike? The carbs are 2.25" in diameter. Im not really particular about brand, just want to change to different filter setup. Thanks!
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LOL Great description..I am so glad I now have a short commute on my bike Redmond to Bellevue. When I had to go down 405 from Everett in the HOV lane I would marvel at the zombies in cages going 3 mph . Don't miss the idiots jumping out in the HOV lane with their monster SUVs while I was doing 70 on my R6.
Even with gas a $3.60 a gallon I doubt our hero is riding, the ones suffering are his co-workers listening to his " I'm gonna start riding my bike to work" stories LOL
STOP! Wait! Shush! (puts hand to ear) - You hear that?

Oh, I guess it was nothin' - thought for a moment there, I could hear screams of anguish and the sound of a keyboard smashing in the distance............
Zombies is a good discription, I always think Brain-Dead mother f'rs but zombies works, I come in on 167 from Bonney Lake to Kent, then on in to Tukwila...once I hit the carpool lanes by hwy 18 I can usually make good time but from Sumner to there just blows.
Yep I have a buddy that comes from Lake Tapps in a van pool. He says the state ran out of money on the carpool thing and it starts near the Super Mall or something but was supposed to start near Tacoma. Nice looking bike, sarnali2 Nice choice. My favorite Harley model, classy and I love the color
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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