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New Mille Nera, 450cc Dirtbike from Aprilia Announced

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Who cares! Let's talk about that new Gilera previewed by They show an 850cc V-twin automatic naked bike. Looks sharp too. I hope Gilera will start looking toward this side of the ocean and import its awesome stuff.
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Sorta resembles two CRF250 cylinders back to back. I'd have to wonder if the power characteristics of a twin vs. single will be appropriate for dirtbikes. Should be very good for dirttrack and supermoto.
Interesting. It's good to see someone else besides Yamaha with some original thinking in this category. Time will tell if this idea will work.
Killer Supermoto!

*****in, all I can say is "Bring it!" Check out the pic and write-up on

I wonder if this thing is lighter than a KTM LC4 640? With KTM restructuring their product line, maybe I'll wait for an Aprilia Supermoto in a year or two. Could it be that Aprilia is heading towards complete engine management a la Attack Suzuki GSXR1100? I can't wait..,Bring it!

Singles and Twins Forever!!
The Nera is only near-ya if you have $39,000!!
Please God, let Aprilia put this engine in a street bike.......
I can't imagine what form of racing (if any) they have this engine targeted for. It certainly wouldn't be competitive in MX or enduro. Perhaps rally-style competetition. Do AMA flattrack rules allow twins in the 450/505 class?
It'd make a great supermotard, because as a twin, it'd be less likely to self destruct on the freeway than a single. I want!

Re: Killer Supermoto!

Lighter than a 640 LC4? I think the QE2 is lighter than a KTM 640 LC4.
450 dirtbike Ya right.... It's going into an RS250 and coming to the states

With each passing year we see the extinction of two stroke engines. From Moto GP to dirt, marine to snow, everywhere two strokes are being replaced with super light-weight 4 stroke power plants.

I've always lusted over a small razor sharp bike like an Aprilia RS250 that the lucky ducks overseas get to play on. Now Aprilia just released info on a 4 stroke v twin about the size of the RS250 v-twin.... Are they thinking what I'm thinking??? I hope so...

Let's get a count going. Who wants an RS250 sized bike with a 4 stroke motor in it that feels like a 2 stroke? I would put my money down now. That bike would be a pisser.
What about Honda's uni cam engine. The 250 engine weighs 52 lbs.
How is an SOHC motor new? They've been around in dirtbikes for 30 years.
Because it is on the intake side not in the center. It uses a "fork" design to operate the exhaust side. It works like a DOHC but with only one cam making the engine lighter and more compact.
Absolutely, a supermotard. Maybe a baby Buell?
Re: 450 dirtbike Ya right.... It's going into an RS250 and coming to the states

As a former owner of an ahem "grey market" RS 250 streetbike, I agree that this engine would be awesome, in an RS-250 chassis. Similiar weight and power, with much better low-end torque, etc...

BUT The RS-250 uses a motor that is designed for daily street use and I'm guessing that this new 45 V.2 is a "race" motor which would probably not stand up very well to daily street usage. I assume (there I go again) that the oil capacity is probably miniscule and that the transmission uses ultra tiny and lightweight internals that are not well suited to the rigors of street-life. I hope I'm incorrect.
Yes, but does it work better than a DOHC?
Re: Seriously

1996 isn't exactly new. And the jury's still out on whether or not this is actually better than a steel frame for MX bikes.
Re: Killer Supermoto!

Supermotard is what this twin has to be all about. Bring 'em on!!!
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