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New MO Poll/Survey

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It's a harley i might actually buy.
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Well, I think it's a cool bike. But (there's always a "but"), I tend to agree with Longride. Seems to me that it's too much of a tweener. There are certainly people who will go bonkers over it; whether that's enough to justify production is open to debate. I don't think they're going to steal a whole lot of naked sport riders, even in Europe. They may grab a few cruiser riders that want something a little sportier, but the anti-Harley bias and price/performance will probably make the XR a non-starter with the import crowd.

Probably too close to the Buell concept, too.

That said, I hope they put it into production, if only to see if we're all wrong.

One other note: From my understanding, the original XLCR was essentially nothing more than a tarted-up Sportster. Sexy bodywork but no more power (even though it was claimed otherwise) than the standard bike. Bad chassis, suspension and brakes, too. The XR-1000 didn't make much more power and was fairly unreliable. This new bike seems to be a much more serious piece.

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Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

Yes, agreed, absolutely. I would have also liked to see a bigger tank. I know the peanut tank is distintive, but this one is too small for this bike.
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

What do you expect from a senior citizen-fleecing, war mongering, Fox News addict?
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

I understand that it's a big market for MO.
1 - 4 of 116 Posts
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