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New MO Poll/Survey

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It's a harley i might actually buy.
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No kidding. Check H-D's stock price over the last six months or so.

I'll bet the Grape Prohylactic sold his at $40.
He mixes champagne and ripple and calls it Champipple!
Exactly there jb. I know there's always a lot of hand wringing over the dollar vs. euro but it does make American products cheaper abroad and the Euro tourists come here in droves these days.

Heck if you're from England it's like a half off sale every day.
I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

The best thing about the XLCR was the cool <a href="">siamese pipes<a>
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

My apologies to all the readers from Siam.
1 - 5 of 116 Posts
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