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It's a harley i might actually buy.
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The proposed XR has 90's suspension and only 90HP. LOL! As if 1/20th of the whiners could even utilize 90% of the capability of a '70 Commando.

If Honda put out an almost identical retrobike and called it an Ascot the same people would be singing its praises.
I've only ridden a couple of new Harleys for a few miles each (less than ten miles to be fair). The ones I rode were nice. Also, I have a few friends who I rode with who have Harley's (that's how I got to ride some Harleys). But, they just cost so much. I've ridden and owned several other cruisers from other manufacturers, and the Harleys I did ride did not seem any more comfortable, better handling, better performing, are better looking than the other cruisers. But, these Harley's all cost much more than the other cruisers of similar or more displacement did. That's my only point. I have heard some Harley owners complain about what they got for their money, but not until after they finally relented and bought a cruiser from another manufacturer.
Re: Who are you talking about? Facts and Data

As time goes along the predictions mutate so far from the originals, caveats and limitations and exceptions galore, that they no longer even resemble the originals.

One thing is sure... no one is actually making any sort of business decisions based on the rantings of some incompetent govt contract employee.
Re: Just not good enough

There are literally tens of thousands of business people out there who wish like hell that they'd painted themselves into such a "corner".
They do cost more in some cases. But the flip side is that you get more when you sell, so it's pretty much a wash. Since it's a 'cruiser' then the performance issue doesn't really exist. Take a real good look at the other cruisers, and they are just bad copies of a Harley. If you really want performance, then look at another type of bike. Cruisers ain't it. I will say that the fit, finish, and overall quality of any Harley will match, or exceed, any motorcycle made in the world. They are easy to maintain, easy to modify, are very reliable, and hold their value well. Nothing wrong with not liking Harley's though. If price/performance is your thing, I'd buy Japanese. Can't beat em. But going 1 mph faster and 3 pounds lighter only goes so far.
Re: Who are you talking about? Facts and Data

Do you mean how the God chosen Inline Four configuration suddenly became the God chosen V-Four?? How 'war hero' Tammy Duckworth was going to win the election here in Illinois? How gas was going up to 4 bucks? How Harley was going into the tank? How biodiesel is taking off? No wonder Boeing moved to Chicago! They needed people that could actually think. Predictions without your money behind them is basically talking out your ass. Anyone can talk. Back it up with hard earned cash, and let's see how smart the GMP is. It's called 'Put your money where your mouth is'. No wonder he's struggling to keep a 6 year old crashed motorcycle while I bought 7 bikes since then. I don't think I want to be as smart as him.
Unless the twenty-somethings are design school enrollees, you won't see H-D targeting them any time soon. It just doesn't fit their being. They target fat wallets with an eye toward style and few of that demographic ilk are under 35. This new Sporty Sport IS a Harley by any definition and trades on that most-established of H-D niches, the flat track. It would be in interesting study to link current & past flat track enthusiasts to those who currently own mainstream H-Ds. I doubt that race wins have added to retail sales.
Re: Who are you talking about? Facts and Data

And speaking of a 6-year old crashed moto - didn't the GMn-P predict a photo with him alongside it?

Or is it that his daughter still has the camera, and won't give it back?

Or is it that he can't find an '01 Ninja someplace that will sit still long enough for him to get someone to snap his pic standing next to it.............?
Re: Who are you talking about? Facts and Data

The battery charger for his camera is hooked up to the Ninja.
Actually, I think you're right when it comes to performance, although some of the cruisers I've ridden had obvious and noticeable differences in performance. I don't care about top speed. But, acceleration is great! I recently owned a Star Stratoliner because I love the way it looks, the unique quality and details it has, the great reviews it received (Cycle World rated it "Best Open Cruiser" for 2006), and how comfortable and good handling it was. It also had good performance for a cruiser. But, I ended up returning to sport bikes to get back the acceleration and cornering I really enjoy in bikes. If you haven't already done this, check out the reviews on the Star Stratoliner and/or Roadliner. It's pretty impressive what Yamaha has done to make this bike unique when you look at the quality and the details.
Re: Just not good enough

Did you miss the part where he described it as a "lucrative corner" and gave kudos to HD for riding the wave well?

Diversify or die - you know the mantra. Maybe not now, when the Boomers are propping up sales by heaving their increasingly rickety bodies onto 1970s era technology for that nostalgia fix, but eventually. All those Boomers are going to kick off this mortal coil and HD goes from first to worst in 15-20 years because they have zero products for anyone OTHER than the fading Boomers. Buell could literally be the saving grace for HD some day.'s like a Buell, but worse, is that it? Similar crap engine with an inferior chassis.

I don't get it.

Re: Just not good enough

Oh, it's 15-20 years now, is it? Funny how the predictions of HD's imminent demise go out further and further.

I've got news. If what I've observed of my daughter (17) and her friends is accurate very few of the internet era generation are the least interested in motorcycles. I think that if cruiser sales collapse there won't be any rejoicing from the sportbike segment because they'll be going down too. After all it's the profits from the cruisers that finances the sportbike redesigns. Sportbikers better freakin' hope that cruiser sales don't tank or they won't be seeing their bi-yearly redesigns no mo. Boomers are a large part of the sales of sportbikes, nakeds and especially BMWs.. It ain't just the cruiser sales that are gonna get hit when the Boomers die off. No other generation comes even close in general motorcycle enthusiasm.
Don't knock those '70's Superbikes. one of my friends bro-in-laws swore me up and down that the '73 Z1 in his garage (that he hasn't started in 15 years) is the fastest bike on the planet, deftly poo-pooing the R1, GSXR, Hayabusa, CBR 900RR and every other modern sportbike I mentioned.

On top of that he brought MGD to the party, what a moron.....
It may not sell in the US, but it will be a sell-out in Europe, despite being twice its US sticker in real terms. European boomers buying HD are not buying a motorcycle (of which this is a decidedly average example), they're buying what they think America looks like, which for you folks who live there is nothing like it at all. H-D dealers in the UK can hadly take the money fast enough: each time some new and overpriced model is announced the customers fall over themselves rushing to buy. Having said that, and having seen it in the metal, it's not that bad - but H-D made a big mistake, imho, in showing it at the NEC show last month next to a real XR-750, which for my money looked as mean, real and desirable as it always has done. Luckily, most people over here don't know what an XR-750 is, so the comparison was lost on them.
Really? He didn't know that you exclusively consume Thunderbird and Triple Jack?
Re: Who are you talking about? Facts and Data

You will never find a picture of the GMP anywhere, at any time. I guess when you look like a young Michael Douglas on steroids, you are too embarrassed to show your face. He has to thank God for the Internet every day.
More like Yukon Jack. Now THERE'S a party!
H3ll, most of the people in here wouldn't know how to start one, let alone ride one.

"Where's the start button?"

"Oh, you mean I gotta KICK START this?!"

"Tickle the carbs? WTF?!?!"
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He mixes champagne and ripple and calls it Champipple!
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