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It's a harley i might actually buy.
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I'll take a dissenting opinion.

I don't like the looks at all. I think they grafted the @ss of a 919 onto a flat tracker frame, so you get the UJM look without the benefit of a monoshock rear suspension...

What's up with the peanut tank?! If you're gonna go cafe, then go cafe. Don't paint the tank, just clearcoat it. Alloy please.

Those pipes have got to go. Shorten them, swing 'em lower. I know, I know, EPA BS.

BTW, a buddy of mine's wife got a new Sporty just this year. Nice bike; I could own one, if I could stand the seating position. But my point: They were up doing the three passes in the Yosemite area in late summer, and the week after they got back we went for a short jaunt up the coast. At a light, I said to Mike, "Hey, you've got a hole in your belt, Mike!"

Sure enough, two pieces of obsidian from central CA had punctured the drive belt and were sitting in the middle(not near the edge, thankfully) of the belt.

HD told him it didn't need replacing unless the tears were in the edge of the belt. He replaced it anyway.

And so, a belt that should last 100k miles was toast at 6k.

I'll never buy a belt drive bike.
See less See more 40 k on my first beltdrive bike...sold it and belt was still good. Next 2 owners put about 10 grand on it.....belt still good when sold. Current bike has almost 40k...nary a problem with belt. Your buddies experience may fall under category of Shyte happens.? I think belts are much more durable than chains.
Interesting...totally different take than some MO "experts" who feel HD's sell here because we are buffoons as opposed to the more sophisticated Europeans.
Prince Alexis Vodka @ $5.00 a half gallon on the Res. seems to work..
it's not a bike, it's a new customizing direction

my bet is that this presence of this bike has relatively little to with potential sales of the XR1200 - they know like (most) of us seem to, that it won't sell well (in the US anyway).

my bet is that it's their attempt to build a new type of customizers - this time not building those ridiculous unridable (and stupid-looking) hardtails, but building harleys that are proto-sport.

see for example what customizers are starting to do with ducati motors. smart, fast, good-looking, and not-cruisers. harley wants to be in this custom market too - it'll sell more bikes in the long term, but most importantly for a company that's all about image, it'll extend their image marketing into new fresh minds who never would have considered an old-fart-machine harley.

so there you have it. a prediction that's not from kpaul.
Also, what happens to the relative price of a Hog when the dollar dives against Yens and Euros? hmmmm...
Two of my friends with belt drive HD's poked rocks through them, the belts didn't fail but they were damaged. Around here I think they're a good idea because of the wet weather but O ring chains are more verstile if you want to play with the gearing
Exactly there jb. I know there's always a lot of hand wringing over the dollar vs. euro but it does make American products cheaper abroad and the Euro tourists come here in droves these days.

Heck if you're from England it's like a half off sale every day.
If it is successful in Europe, which I believe it will be (in a modest way), I think they'll bring it here, where it will mostly cannibalize other the Sportster model sales. Still, they'll be selling bikes.

Personally, I like it, although I would stick with my 2005 XL 1200 C, because I prefer the riding position. I LIKE the fact that the Custom is a cruiser, that it doesn't weigh 800 lbs, has big torque, and is pretty agile (for a cruiser). I also like the minimal maintennance of hydraulic valves and belt drive, and the exceptional fit and finish.

In fact, though, what I like most about it is the simplicity of the concept -- it's a "pure, basic motorcyle". Put another way, it's the Harley theme stripped to its essence, modern in exection but faithful to that original, still classic design.

What I DON't care about is that it's not a high-performance bike in the modern sense: it's fun to ride slow, and that's how I usually ride it.

While I am least interested in race replica sportbikes, I do appreciate non-HD iron a lot, and have experience with some of it: I currently own a BMW R1150R (great do-it-all bike), a Buell M2 Cyclone, and a Kawsaki 1500 Nomad Fi, as well as the Sportster.

They're all good, and they're all different.


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The V-Rod engine is too heavy.
"Sophisticated" apparently means having a 54% fatality rate for women wirth breast cancer vs 19% for the "buffoons".

Or does "sophistication" refer to Soccer fans? I get confused when I try to understand these things.
Without all the anti/pro HD stuff, and just on the available information and the limited pictures, I would be very interested in the XR. I think it's a nice looking, different bike.
Which isn't exactly new either.
Versatili5ty is absolutely better with a chain but for cruisers/tourers, how often do you change gearing? I dont have data but my anecdotal evidence and experience leads me to believe the average belt lasts longer than a chain(if its replaced when it should be). its funny,i dont know anyone (that i know of) whos had the rock puncture problem...i'll have to investigate. Veeeeeeelly intelesting.!!!
LOL....Im with ya Brotha. I hope you realize my tongue was firmly in my cheek!
Re: it's not a bike, it's a new customizing direction

Actually,I believe your prediction is already happening. A couple companies make customs that have HD clone motors in a "sportbike like" chassis. Roland Sands has made a few customs with a racebike theme. The street tracker look Sportster has never left us....Storz and Lawill have given it new life.
That may well be part of the reason HD is targeting europe for this model.
I agree with most of the posts. A modern "super-naked" needs more power. I like this bike and would consider it at the 10k price point if it had competitive power to other 1000cc nakeds.

Is there someway to cram a VROD motor into that chassis? Maybe Harley needs to tak a cue from the land of the rising sun and stick a "dis-appearing" black painted radiator on the front of this thing!

I saw one on a '94 FXR and heard of the other from a reliable friend with a '00 Road King. Maybe the new ones are stronger. As I said the belt didn't fail but it was definately punctured.

I agree. belts are good, specially in this enviroment because of the rain and grit on the roads. I get about 20~25 K out of my chains with meticulas cleaning and lubing, I know belts are supposed to be good for 60K at least.
81 - 100 of 116 Posts
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