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It's a harley i might actually buy.
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Well, I think it's a cool bike. But (there's always a "but"), I tend to agree with Longride. Seems to me that it's too much of a tweener. There are certainly people who will go bonkers over it; whether that's enough to justify production is open to debate. I don't think they're going to steal a whole lot of naked sport riders, even in Europe. They may grab a few cruiser riders that want something a little sportier, but the anti-Harley bias and price/performance will probably make the XR a non-starter with the import crowd.

Probably too close to the Buell concept, too.

That said, I hope they put it into production, if only to see if we're all wrong.

One other note: From my understanding, the original XLCR was essentially nothing more than a tarted-up Sportster. Sexy bodywork but no more power (even though it was claimed otherwise) than the standard bike. Bad chassis, suspension and brakes, too. The XR-1000 didn't make much more power and was fairly unreliable. This new bike seems to be a much more serious piece.

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Because he's a s***** sucking bilge rat blackshoe.
I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

The best thing about the XLCR was the cool <a href="">siamese pipes<a>
>Since it's a 'cruiser' then the performance

>issue doesn't really exist.

You know this as well as I do that performance issue does exist, in a big way. I want more power, and somehow I get the feeling I am not alone. All these guys going stage this and cam that.

Nothing new there. What´s new is that the market is changing rapidly. Look at the real power cruisers out there. Lame old 64 hp on a dyno doesn´t cut it any more.

- cruiz-euro
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Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

That's "conjoined" pipes, you insensitive Bushweasel.
Now you're asking to get your air conditioning and all your power outlets secured for "troubleshooting" for about a month.

Don't f0ck with the snipes.
But I know you mean that in the Nicest Possible Way.
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

Yes, agreed, absolutely. I would have also liked to see a bigger tank. I know the peanut tank is distintive, but this one is too small for this bike.
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

What do you expect from a senior citizen-fleecing, war mongering, Fox News addict?
Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

My apologies to all the readers from Siam.
>If Honda put out an almost identical retrobike

>and called it an Ascot the same people

>would be singing its praises.

Probably. But then its a fair assumption that this Honda Ascot would have a pretty decent engine and gearbox and would be priced ok.

- cruiz-euro
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Re: I wish they would have mixed in this feature.

I understand that it's a big market for MO.
They're Navy guys.


Huh? The dollar almost can't get any lower, can it?
It needs spokes. Cast wheels look ridiculous on a retro-styled bike, I'd buy a Truxton anyday, but this tank needs a restyle.
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