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New Motocross Rag to Debut

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Sounds like a great read. 26 issues a year will be a challenge...hope they make it.
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Yeah, good luck too them. 26 glossy color and comprehensive issues is going to be difficult to crank out I expect.

When Dirt Bike spun off Motocross Action back in the 70's I thought I'd died and went to heaven. Having my dad send them to me while I was at sea was a real treat, I used to read them cover to cover and every once in a while I'd get an issue of Cycle or Cycle Guide...pure bliss LOL
...yeah and I'd come down from the 01 level and steal 'em while you were asleep...

I still have stacks and stacks of DB & MXA from the 70's. Some of the best stuff if you ask me. In fact this morning whilst sitting on the throne I re-read an MXA Carabela test from 1974. To make a long story short the handlebars were held on with u bolts and the crank broke in half. Ah, what machines.

You poor bird farm [email protected]@rds. What's it like to always hit the beach with 2,000 other dypsomaniacs with money to burn?
It's going to be tough in this age of electronic media. The benchmark for any dirt bike related print magazine is of course the Dirt Bike of old, pre-1975 and again around 1987, when Rick Sieman was in charge.

The only other motorcycle related magazine that even came close to DB/MXA in writing content was Motorcyclist when JB was on the masthead.

The latest DB and MXA is all about bolt this on, get this pipe, buy these orange boots if you want to look/be cool. And then you have the indecipherable rantings of Jody Weasel in MXA...don't get me started...

Good luck, and stock up on the cardboard boxes for all the old magazines.

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I prefer Classic Bike for my daily ablusions but I'd love to go through some MXA's. Do you have the one from '73 when Jimmy Pomeroy won the Spanish GP ?

Ya' know the one I always liked was the Penton, specially the 250 Hare Scrambler with the KTM engine. My dad was a big Enduro and ISDT fan and he always wanted a 175 Jackpiner but he shifted over to Motocross after I started racing an ran CZ instead.
Just make sure your hair isn't touching an ear, and you pants cuffs aren't hitting the deck, and you're good to go.

And when getting back on board after a night of partying with pockets full of red leb, moon-walk through a hatch on the fantail (port side) and escape the wrath of the MAA's and NJP.

See ya by the escalator...
Jody's still around? Good God he must be as old as, you anyway.....

I like Rider and I've got a gift sub. to Cycle Whirled but the only one I spend my own money on is Classic Bike for my Euro-bike fix or The Horse/Back Street Choppers which is all old skool home built Bobbers and Chops. The rest of them I flip through at Fred Meyers and look at the picture's
Yep, got that one. The classic pictute of him on a Bultaco holding the US flag. That issue was instrumental in my purchase of a JPR 360 in 1976 btw. When they started shifting on the left. Bultaco was a very good product right before the factory burned down, and Senior Bulto ate it.

The Hare Scrambler...with Girlings. The ISDT was big back then, I even bought a Jawa because of the whole mystique.

Check out next month's and you'll see a pic of my '75 CZ250.

O Ms Cuddy I'll give you quite some time to cut that out, o i'm blushiiing... Personally I have no idea why anybody thinks the world needs another dirt bike mag, I wade thru dirt bike, dirt rider, racer x, transworld moto-x and about 5 more here at work... (i actually like ron lawson at dirt bike best, bec. it is more off-road and less mx).

Have to guess the moneylenders are behind it. All those mags are PACKED with big advertisements. Anywho, good luck to Rousseau and crew, that sounds like a big chunk to bite off.
Remember that one MAA that had the huge spare tire? he was in his 30's and still a 2nd class, he always had a boner for snipes so he'd lurk around by our compartment on the 2nd deck and you could hear him on the other side of the wall sniffing. One time I bought a pack of Gitannes and was smoking them and he come flying in there with that little short pr*ck MAA and thought he had us that time...
My experiences are more along the lines of "running down the back alleys of Hong Kong to escape opiumdealers/muggers".

Although watching the odd drunk take a flying leap teeth first into a brass turnbuckle did provide the occasional comic relief.
We had one genius CID guy who was trying to find the potheads in our gunboat division by pretending to be a Gunner's Mate (though he couldn't field strip a .50cal) and standing on the boat house walkway and string into people's eyes as they climbed aboard the boats every evening.

Then he started especially watching people who wore sunglasses! In Vietnam! In the summer! Makes one suspect that the IQ requirement for CID was a max of 85.
Pursangs are beautiful bikes, I prefer the earlier red and silver to the JPR Blue ones myself though. My dad Enduro'd a twin pipe 250 CZ then later a 250 Matador until I got my license, then we turned the Matador into a Cafe' Racer with clip-ons and Conti tires, I used to carry a baby bottle full of Blendzall measured for 3 gals. in my coat pocket for fill ups.

He bought a '76 380 radial fin CZ and I had my 360 MX for racing till I got out then he gave me the 380. I rode it off and on for a couple of years then sold it to some nit-wit who seized it within about a month. Wish I still had it, it was a sad end to a really fast bike.
CW was pretty good when Girdler helmed it. After that it just became an industry lovefest like Motor Trend. Too bad. It was pretty cutting edge back in the day too with Jennings The only other reason to read it was Peter Eagan.
85 and they'd make 'em an Officer..One nice thing about the bigger ships is there's usually an equal amount of idiots on both sides of the UCMJ so if you had even half a brain you could stay out of their way and watch the fun
Yeah, they used to be a lot better, specialy when they had to compete with Cycle and Cycle Guide, now it seems like they just outlasted the competittion as "the mainstream choice"

I still enjoy Rider with Mark Tuttle and Clement Salvadori et-al..they seem to have a more-motorcycles are fun- real world perspective that I like over the flash and glitz from the other publications. My favorite is Classic Bike though, even at $9.00 a pop it's worth it
The guy you most want alongside you in a firefight is the guy who is often on the "wrong" side of the UCMJ. Sad, but true.
I was reading Peter Eagan the other day and almost dozed off..
Well, please don't bag on Motorcyclist I am close to all those guys so... Nothing's more fun for me to read than their adventures at Barber Motorsports park and how much fun they are having on free bikes. Or when they go to the Alps, that is great reading too.
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