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New Motorcycle Museum in Tacoma, WA

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Tacoma is really doing some good things. I think that the big thing that will draw folks is "And at the nearby Tacoma Dome, the city this summer signed a deal for the construction of the Harold E. LeMay car museum; with 3,800-plus vehicles, it could be the largest such site in the country. Harold E. LeMay car museum; with 3,800-plus vehicles, it could be the largest such site in the country. " The access to I-5 is good. Tacoma is doing a lot of forward thinking things these days.
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3,800 vehicles is one large museum that I wouldn't mind seeing and the motorcycle museum at 51,000 sq ft sounds excellent. In New Zealand our motor museums which I think are excellent too, tend to have about 100 - 300 vehicles. Sounds like the museum will have full conference facilities so there is bound to be a room Johnny B can hang out in. Hey Johnny B, MO aren't offering any free air tickets and accommodation so I can come over and give this an international review are they? How far is this from Alan Heng's place in Seattle? I've gotta check out the Barber facility sometime too.


One of the proposels floating around was to move the '30's era art deco car ferry Kalakala down there, tie it up outside Lemays and fill it with period auto's as part of the museum, I think the financing didn't pan out, because I haven't heard anything else about it, too bad because we'd have had the car museum, antique car ferry, and motorcycle museum all on one street, pretty cool, huh?
And then the "Kalakala" spontaneously combusts. Or sinks. At this point, I think it would be cheaper to build a replica of that piece of crap than to restore the actual original. Personally I wouldn't want all my millions of dollars of antique vehicles on that silver slug.
Alan lives in Shoreline, about 45 minutes to an hour away from Tacoma, depending on the lovely Puget Sound area traffic. If you want directions on how to get to his house, I'd be happy to give them out, especially if you're going to go play a prank on him. I suggest shaving his cat.
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