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Thank you for replying Airhawk.

I guess I have a misconception that the belt is going to bust when I am traveling. I had a 1982 Goldwing 1100 and I never had a problem with the shaft drive.
Are you saying that I should consider buying a motorcycle that has EFI rather than a shaft?
I guess what I am trying to say is: Should I consider buying lets say, an Kawaski Nomad with belt drive and EFI, rather than a Yamaha Royal Start tour deluxe with shaft drive and carbs.
My opinion is that unless you do most of your riding up and down mountains there's no big deal about EFI. Modern carbs work great. Belts, as Hawk noted, are terrific; they usually outlast the rest of the bike. Forget about these details, go find the bike that gives you a boner.
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