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New Multistrada 1100 Covers 3,800 Miles in 51 Hours

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So will he set a new Alaska to Key West world record now that he has a larger engine to work with??? :)
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Hmmm. Tough choice... the new Duc or the Ulysses. Let see a head-to-head comparo!
Impressive but I wonder if I could do the same thing on a Buell Firebolt "Black Thunder" or a Daytona 675 "Black Knight" ..I am sure my trusty Ninja could do it.
I personally wanted to get more detail on the moose guts and heated glove burns. Its those details that make these stories a hit. (pun intended). Plus it sounded like some type of ******* road kill dinner recipe. Throw guts in gloves add some uncle roys bbq sauce and your set.
sure if you got buns of steel and wrists to match any of those bikes would work. Ill bet my vfr would be great on this run
I met Gary Eagan at the Cycle World show down in Houston. He is a great rider & person who has inspired me to be the best I can be in riding and all walks of life. I wish I could race him from Alaska to Florida while I rode the Buell Uly while he rides his mighty Duc. I'll write the story if MO makes it happen!
At 100 miles a weekend you'd die before you would make it halfway.
VFR is a very nice machine... I want one with ABS and Hard Bags i.e. it would be my perfect commuter bike here in rainy Seattle..
I just finished the Alcan 5000, a TSD rally using gravel roads in BC, Alaska and the Yukon on a Suzuki V-Strom (2nd place among bikes over 700 cc). It held up well for over 8000 miles of long distance riding including the rally and the distance home. I think a 'Strada, 'Strom, Ulysses, and Tiger shootout would be great. Need a volunteer rider?
74.5 average. Yikes. That is reallly moving.
I was just thinking that way faster than what I average when I am only riding ... I assume Gary had to eat, take a nap or two and tend to other necessities in the 51 hour period.
G. Eagan is noted for his ability to ride long time w/o sleep yet stay alert and focused. I doubt he rode nearly as outright fast as ye are 'summin.

Check his story out. Interesting dude.
Cannot find the pertaining article, but from what I could find the guy is somewhat of a long distance/endurance pro. I see he takes short catnaps during his endurance trips.

But keeping high average speeds up is more difficult than what you may realize. If you tried to cover 100 miles in a single hour, but could only do lets say 70mph for the first 50 miles, you’d need to average almost 170mph for the second set 50 miles. Most folks think you’d only need to do only 130mph but covering the first 50 miles @ 70mph consumes 42 minutes. To cover the second 50 miles in the remaining 18 minutes will require approx. 170mph.

75mph average whilst having the odd catnap etc. means that guy must have been hauling ass. And a lot of that would have been at night on unfamiliar roads. Crazy.
That does sound like an incredibly high average. Perhaps it isn't 3800 miles. The mileage is not noted in the story, only the MO headline.

Eagan did most of his distance stuff on an ST4 prior to the MultiStrada. Once the ST clicked over 100,000 miles he gave it to Ducati to be placed in its museum covered in bugs and dirt I believe.
Ah, I bet you are a former Honda rider who still can't forgive Ducati for thrashing your favorite brand in WSB competition. And I also bet you can't check the valves on your Trumpet, either.
You think Buell would sponsor me to break the record? Great way to show reliability.
Well it was a coast-to-coast ride, so 3800 miles is probably not far off. Whatever it turns out to be, it is an achievement to say the least.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to ride with him. I’d like to do the same trip over 6 –7 days, maybe taking a day or two off in between days on the road, and enjoying the sights and surroundings whilst I ride.

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