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Safer riding and cager awareness, something we as riders can do, and something other people can do. I'll admit my own culpability on the first issue, rather frequently exceeding the posted limit, and possibly even a reasonably safe margin above that. But likewise, I'd still say the majority of near-altercations I have with the pavement involve some yahoo in a cage who either couldn't see me due to visibility constraints, or didn't bother to look, or was distracted. (Kids, food, cellphone, whatever.)

What I don't see is a way to improve either of these things. I already know it's foolish to go so fast, and yet I choose to do it anyway. More education isn't going to make me *more* aware of the dangers of riding. And as for the cagers, how do you 'educate' them? Billboards? TV commercials? When I drive a cage, I'm a relatively careful driver, and I use my signals and check my mirrors before moving. But for drivers who are either too inexperienced to have developed that skill set, or are too set in their ways to bother, how do you convince them to make the effort.

Many questions, few answers.

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