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You and I have some significant political differences, but regardless of how one feels about the government role in promoting vehicle safety, I think many would agree that HOW our government goes about it is at best, ineffectual.

Most of the developed world takes the tack of emphasizing active safety -- better education/licensing standards, stricter enforcement of drunk driver laws, and more stringent and meaningful vehicle safety inspections -- that sort of thing, rather than the nannyism we see here.

Please note that I am not at all suggesting that their forms of government are better, so don't start flaming on that point. My point is that a wide variety of countries, covering a wide range of the political spectrum, do a much better job of assuring that everyone on the road has reasonable skills. (See Sean's recent article on the SV1000 test in Spain for an illustration). It is not an accident that these countries typically have much more reasonable speed limits and more reasonable enforcement of those limits.

I agree that there needs to be limits on the role of big government. I do not want to have, for example, the same kind of government as Germany or France. However, I DO think it IS a proper role of government to take reasonable steps to assure that the others with whom I must share the road are not a serious threat to my safety. My objection is not that they try to do so, but that they suck at it. In this specific respect, Germany and France do one hell of a lot better job.



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