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New oil pumps on XB range

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HI people im from good old NZ any what im wanting to no is iv got a 2007 XB12R and thay get pritty hot and I see the new XB Buells have got new oil pumps and bigger oil coolers now have thay done this becouse its just better cooling or has there been a problem with some bikes all I no is on a hot day at low speed my nuts cook still love the bike cheers
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IIRC it was done as a "pro-active reliability" measure, not necessarily to correct any "real" problem. I don't know if the parts are "bolt on" or not. If so, it wouldn't be a bad thing to upgrade if one wished - but I doubt it will help with your roasted chestnuts.............
If you haven't already, try synthetic oil. It consistently drops the oil temp by a good 20+ degrees on every HD I ever put it in.
The oil cooler at least should be a bolt on, that and full syn will make a pretty big difference vis-a-vis the grilled goolies...
Thanks for that I will make some inquires as to wether the oil pump is a bolt on thing I think it will be and to how much it will cost I already run the Screamin Eagle SYN3 so as I am told this is the best to run ill let you all no how I get on
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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