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New Playground Opens for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

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That's what _I_ want. An HU-16 for a theater!

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I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a "playground". This is my idea of a playground. Open a 20k sqft shop and in back of it build a 136 acre multi use paved track and supercross track along with 100acres of trail riding. How's that! There's much more but it's too soon to disclose all the really cool things that are going on. I can tell you it will be in GA.
Like my playground. It's called BLM land and comprises about 1/2 the State of Utah.

It's free too!
Is this going to be an Atlanta Triumph Ducati thing?

Also when are you guys getting in an ST3s so I can buy one?
No. I'm just friends with the owner over here and told him I'd help in the Finance office. The project I'm working on is completely seperate and so far it's looking pretty cool. As far as the ST3s, we have a ST3 but the abs model hasn't arrived yet. I was told it would be in in 10 days but 10 italian days may be slightly different form 10 american days....
Trying to fine space like that in GA that's free from politics or shot guns is pretty tough around here right now.
May check it out this weekend if the lines aren't too long.
100 acres isn't a lot of trail riding but it could make for a great national caliber MX track. Or you could throw in a beginner track too.
I'm trying a supposedly way cool new shotgun park south of Birmingham in mid - Nov. If interested, let me know and I'll give you the 411 after I get over there.
It's designed to be a SX, mini SX, roadcourse and oval. The 100 acres is not a lot but enough for most people to srew around on and not get into real trouble. The tracks are where the fun will be. And the answer is yes to trying to lure AMA events. But that will be after the first full year is over. I want to be able to get rider input so changes can be made when I approach the AMA.
Great, the guys at ATD all ride off road. If it works out we'll figure out a way to meet up at a later date. Have you been to Kentuck? That's out towards Birmingham, is it the same location you're referring too? Guys here go out about once a month. Otherwise, they hit Durhamtown.
Them dang Duke brothers!!! Roscoe... don't you come back here without them Dukes!!! You hear?!!
Jest 'bout the south-thing. If you've ever been here for any length of time you'd notice it's an IT mecca here. We're not ALL ********. We just talk funny. But I could say the same thing about anyone in the NE or mid west- don't cha know. Anyway, no one beats southern hospitality.
Ten italian days is roughly 36 american days

- cruiz-euro
You are right on the southern hospitality, every time I have been down there, I had a blast! You should check the scene in Arizona, awsome riding, road and off road. Very hospitable too.
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