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New Proposed Michigan Law

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Re: New Michigan Law

According to the link, this has only passed the State Senate and has been forwarded to the State House for consideration. So this is not a new state law only a new piece of proposed legislation.

As for what I think, I think anyone that rides without a helmet is stupid. But I guess in our society you are allowed to be stupid. So if you would like to greatly increase your chances of dying in an accident along with being pelted by road debris, I say go for it.
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Re: New Michigan Law

Oh no. Not another helmet thread!

I have the debate down by memory. No need to engage in it again.

Next topic!
Re: New Michigan Law

Since the government already has the right to require seatbelts in 4-wheel vehicles, it follows that it has the right to mandate applicable safety equipment for 2-wheel vehicles as well, which means helmets. If any state requires helmet use, it is within the state's pervue to do so and riders in those states just need to get a helmet or ride in another state. In Michigan's case the riders now have a choice and I hope that they will still opt to use helmets. Personally I always ride with a full-face. I did a face-plant just last year and I was glad for every inch of that helmet.
people should have the right to get their grape squashed on the pavement. It should be a waiver you sign with a motorcycle endorsement to release all public burden of cost if you survive and become a vegitable. to each his own...not at the cost of tax dollars.
Pro-helmet law:

-Don't want to pay for someone else's health bills and disability.

-Some new riders can't make an informed decision about safety.

Anti-helmet law:

-Big brother is watching and controlling us.

-The government is evil and won't let me do whatever I want, because that is what freedom is.

-I always wear a helmet, but I shouldn't be made to.

There all arguments have been posted. I have saved the American people countless hours of lost productivity due to another pointless and endless helmet debate...
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I posted a similar thought on the previous helmet law thread. I also sugested that they just link to the previous threads after so everyone can just re-read the same old arguements.
We pretty much have that system now. Insurance rates for bikes are much lower than for cars, because they don't do much damage. Medical is rarely offered, but when it is it hardly covers much. There's been some talk about burden to society due to extreme sports, but the biggest health burdens are still due to smoking, drinking and being fat - the latest health crises.

Fat adults is one thing, but fat kids is immoral. When I was a kid a fat kid weighed about what a normal kid weighs now.
Why not charge an insurance premium differential for those people who want to ride without helmets? Let's say you're paying the rate associated with always wearing a helmet, and you get in an accident in which it's determined you weren't wearing a helmet... then your provider could refuse coverage. I wonder how many anti-helmet people remain anti-helmet after an accident...
I'm thinking helmets should be banned by federal decree. Then everybody would want one desperately and we could wipe out the deficit from the revenue raised by ticketing everybody caught wearing one. Y am I not the King?
Cause you are too bizzy to drink green beer with potential voters???

well, my people carefully screen who's allowed into the town hall meetings so's i don't have to spend so much time slappin' *****es down and stuff. I am a man of the people but only at a distance. did u guys get stupid and crash scooters on purpose or what?
Nah - went up to Willow and watched it rain from the pub at the Essex House in Lancaster. Green grass in the middle of the Mojave! The poppies were cool though.

I have a new photo essay I am getting ready to send to Sean about what you can do with MO bikes you check out for a few days after the executive editor threatens you if you take, say, a FZ1 anywhere near any establishment that sells alcohol. But since he failed to mention houses of ill repute......


oh, you incorrigible lads! Best policy is not to take the bikes out at all, just in case.
Re: New Michigan Law

If it has passed the senate, then the only thing left is for the Governor to sign it into law. The House is the first first vote in the chain and reflects the various state representatives. Only after they pass it, will it go to the state Senate.
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