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New R1200s

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first post and interested to see the complete reviews on this.
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My only experience with this model was an 1100 that had this tremendously funky factory paint job. (Yellow and Black)

I was getting my brick worked on, so the dealer gave me the 1100 ride for the day. (How many of the big 4 dealers will do that?)

The first thing I noticed about the bike was, for a sport bike, it was really comfortable. The bike fit really well. (I'm 6'2")

The next thing that jumped out is how light the bike felt for being as heavy as it is. This made it surprisingly flickable on the back roads, but still solid as a rock on the interstate. A fairly pleasing ride.

My one complaint was, Superbike looks, mini bike motor. The thing had no power at all. I joked with the dealer after riding the bike, saying that it needed about 30 more horses. Then it would be a really nice bike.

Looks like I got my 30 horses! It will be interesting to see how they change the feel of the bike?

I can hardly wait for a test ride!

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Re: "What I wonder about is what it's target market is."

To me, these bikes are about real world use. That, and not everyone is riding one so there is a feel of exclusivity.

'Most' BMW riders that I know are folks for whom the "Speed" question is nearly moot. Top speed isn't a consideration at all. I have 130 HP in my K bike and as far as I'm concerned I don't need any more. I rarely venture more than 10 miles over the posted speed limit anyway.

So, the market for this bike will be folks like me who want a bike with some zip to it, but not so much as to be overkill.

Yep, when purchased new these things are costly. But they have all the features that old farts like me want. It's as simple as that. Plus, you can get good deals on these bikes used.

One curious thing I've noticed about these bikes is, the folks who buy them new, don't seem to be the ones who ride the wheels off of them. Used buyers like me are the one who do that. Because of this finding 3 and 4 year old BMWs with really low mileage is an easy thing.
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Older riders are the ones who have multiple bikes in their stable. We've raised our families, our houses are paid off, and many like me still have 15 or so years left in our working lives. As HD discovered, this is a pretty good demographic to target? Also, exactly like HD, BMW keeps building bikes that the Japanese can out perform in every way. But they still sell tons of them. I'm guessing the reason for this is they know their customers?
I'm not one who likes sitting around. Even after I leave my career, I will still work somewhere. Perhaps back in a bike shop again?

You are correct health insurance is a major concern.
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