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New R1200s

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first post and interested to see the complete reviews on this.
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Yeah,but the price,the price.A buddy of mine had to service his R1200RT,and was amazed at how much,plus markup they are asking for Beemers hers in Las Vegas.And he has money! A poor bro like me doesn,t stand a chance! Beemer maybe making the mistake Volks wagen is making,pricing themselves out the market.The euro is killing us!
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I,m not knocking the bike,and maybe dealer,s where you are charge msrp,but here in Vegas,my friend tells me they overcharge.He,s going to go back east if he decides to buy another one and ride it back here.We,ll see how much they charge when the 800,s come out.Remember they were charging almost 9k for the 650CS.I like beemers,and if I could afford one,I,d probably consider it.But having a diverse /opposing opinion is not a bad thing!
I saw a Paul Smart in person on saturday at msrp no less!!!I would take it in a heartbeat over the Beemer..
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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