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New R1200s

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first post and interested to see the complete reviews on this.
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Re: It coudda bin a contendah...

Smart decision.Let somebody else take the depreciation on a BMW.
Re: "What I wonder about is what it's target market is."

To me, these bikes are about real world use. That, and not everyone is riding one so there is a feel of exclusivity.

'Most' BMW riders that I know are folks for whom the "Speed" question is nearly moot. Top speed isn't a consideration at all. I have 130 HP in my K bike and as far as I'm concerned I don't need any more. I rarely venture more than 10 miles over the posted speed limit anyway.

So, the market for this bike will be folks like me who want a bike with some zip to it, but not so much as to be overkill.

Yep, when purchased new these things are costly. But they have all the features that old farts like me want. It's as simple as that. Plus, you can get good deals on these bikes used.

One curious thing I've noticed about these bikes is, the folks who buy them new, don't seem to be the ones who ride the wheels off of them. Used buyers like me are the one who do that. Because of this finding 3 and 4 year old BMWs with really low mileage is an easy thing.
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I checked one out at the recent NY Javits show. The bike "feels"sportier than the current 1100S and has a taller saddle height. As a 2000MY 1100S owner, the finish on the 1200 was below my expectations.
As to the complaints about power - the bike also has gobs of torque (83 lb/ft), which will make a difference. I'm not a BMW fan but I have ridden Guzzis for years, so I can attest to the deceptive hit that an antiquated twin cylinder engine can provide. ;-) Sometimes it's not about the peak horsepower!
I think there's quite an untapped market out there for a bike like this. There are plenty of people that have no intentions to race, but would like a sporty ride with reasonable ergos and minimal maintenance. I love my speed triple, but I can't say I'm all too fond of chain upkeep.
I'm afraid 'torque' isn't the boxers strong point in actual riding. On paper, it looks like it could pull stumps. While on the road, it feels wheezy and high-revving compared with even the old K100 lump. I do adore the look of the R-S bikes, though. Bring back the R-RS!
I've always thought these things were amazingly capable bikes without much motor, so this will be an improvement. But BMW has always been overly optimistic as to the output from their motors. I'm thinking this is a crank output and we're going to see about 103 at the rear wheel. A significant improvement but could still use a bit more.
Re: What Motorcycle IS

I,m not knocking the bike,and maybe dealer,s where you are charge msrp,but here in Vegas,my friend tells me they overcharge.He,s going to go back east if he decides to buy another one and ride it back here.We,ll see how much they charge when the 800,s come out.Remember they were charging almost 9k for the 650CS.I like beemers,and if I could afford one,I,d probably consider it.But having a diverse /opposing opinion is not a bad thing!
I saw a Paul Smart in person on saturday at msrp no less!!!I would take it in a heartbeat over the Beemer..
You can't hear new BMW's when you ride them. You can barely here them when you're standing next to them idling
Ya know, I like this bike. Saw one in the flesh at the NY MC show (saw a race-prepped version, too). It looks pretty good--and slightly odd--in a pleasant kind of BMW way. Performance? Well, I agree that it's not always about big HP. I'm sure this bike have plenty of oomph for most people.

The down side is that I just can't see too many people buying them. Yes, a BMW customer is different. Yes, BMW relies on exclusivity and this is the definition of a niche bike, but it seems to be too far out of the ballpark to even sell a lot by BMW standards.

I'd bet my Daytona does just about everything significantly better.
Even though I'm not going to drop that many fed-notes on a bike... I'd rather the price-bloat be applied towards the poly-carbonetic moon rock valve stems (.02 gram weight savings!!!) than a chromed master cylinder (ALL 2006 models 15% shinier!!!)

Both are extreme examples of 'tude bike engineering.

And perhaps jealousy on my part...
Re: Errata:

That's more like it. Cheap enough for the amount you need or you can use tumeric. Don't forget cloves.
I don't see much point in buying a Beemer either. I think they were exclusive, cool and technologically superior years ago, but now they are just expensive.
Oops! Nice looking bike. I can see where 5% of older, experienced motorcyclists would be interested in this bike.
Older riders are the ones who have multiple bikes in their stable. We've raised our families, our houses are paid off, and many like me still have 15 or so years left in our working lives. As HD discovered, this is a pretty good demographic to target? Also, exactly like HD, BMW keeps building bikes that the Japanese can out perform in every way. But they still sell tons of them. I'm guessing the reason for this is they know their customers?
Yeah, even tho I bi+ch about their cost, the Beamers always do look different... sometimes in a really bad way and sometimes kinda cool like this one. Reminds me slightly of the Guzzi MGS-01 Corsa. Better buy a lotto ticket tonite ...

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