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New R1200s

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first post and interested to see the complete reviews on this.
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I`ll bet most of the MoFo`s complaining about the price, just hate spending 10 or 11 grand on there jap bikes and can`t even get $5000 two years later!!!!
From an aircooled motor that will last a hundred thousand miles it is pretty impressive.
I use to break in BMW 850R's for a rental place a few years back. They are a superior product.

I liked everything except the wheezy exhaust note. That "cam in head" deal with the short pushrods is way trick.

Go Beemer.
I couldn't agree more about BMW re-sale. You spend more up front but get it back on resale.

As far as target market, i have a cbr600rr track bike and i would consider this bike for track use. I'm 6'5" 240lbs and tired of being bent like a pretzel on the track. sure the beemer is heavier and not even close to being a cutting edge race bike but it might make a damn fun track bike for big old guy like me.

I'll cant wait to read the reviews to see if it really handles like a sport bike!
Re: What Motorcycle IS

One thing that irks me is when an opinion is stated as fact!
Re: Blame W.

Please Canada, outlaw the modem.

Seriously, isn't Washington in Canada?
Let's not start the resale thing again.

I'm looking at '03-'04 GS adventures in the 11-12k range. Tell that to the guys that have the $7k+ hit on their 4000 mile bikes.

The only reason "total cost of ownership" should be applied is if you are buying your last bike.

Buy used, ride hard, sell, repeat.
Re: Blame W.

LOL. yep that's why we lost the Super Bowl. The refs. thought the Seahawks were from Canada..
"We've raised our families, our houses are paid off, and many like me still have 15 or so years left in our working lives."

15 or so years left in our working lives!?!?!?

To my way of thinking your situation comes down to the reality that Social Security and health care aren't going to be available to us and we are going to have to work a lot longer than planned - unless you left out something.

Why the analysts complain that Social Security is going insolvent in 2017 is beyond me. We are in debt, can't afford health care without an employer, our jobs will go unfilled if we do retire all means we can't afford to retire!!
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I'm not one who likes sitting around. Even after I leave my career, I will still work somewhere. Perhaps back in a bike shop again?

You are correct health insurance is a major concern.
"I love my speed triple, but I can't say I'm all too fond of chain upkeep. "

Well said, my man.

Well, right, but...

I understand what you're saying. I have an R1100S.

But old farts who go fast on the street but are done racing are also interested in bikes with real back seats. Bikes with hard luggage. Bikes with ABS.

The R1200S is a solo bike with apparently no hard bag setup, certainly not the system cases.

The R12S is really cool, don't get me wrong, and maybe there is enough interest out there. But I think that Ducati's ss1000 is sorta pitched to the same audience and Ducati is discontinuing it.
41 - 53 of 53 Posts
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