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What the heck is the "New demographic"?? I ride my bike to get away from smarmy, whining, I'm-so-special, folks. In my opinion, motorcycling isn't supposed to be "up-scale". It's supposed to be gritty, a bit dangerous and sometimes solitary. If I wanted to spend my hard earned money (and not to brag, but I make a lot of it) I would just ride my bike to wherever I wanted to go, pull up to the door and walk in. I like being unique in the hotel lobby. I use my bike to start conversations and as a vehicle (pun intended) to meet non-motorcyclists.

Just go for a ride. It's the ride not the destination, folks! This is a chick resort and a resort for guys who can't leave the missus at home. Count me out.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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