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New Rider? Read this thread FIRST!

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These forums get a lot of questions from new riders or returning riders who want opinions as to what bike would be best. The old hands here give pretty much the same advice every time -- take a training class (the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course is a good choice, and available all over the US), get full protective gear (a full-face helmet, leathers or armored mesh jackets and pants, leather gloves, and boots that cover your ankles), and find a smaller, used bike to learn on.

That said, we're merging all the "new rider" threads into this one. Read it and learn, and if you have any questions after all of this, then fire away! And welcome to motorcycling and MO!

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Hi guys,

my name is Robbie, I'm 16, so i obviously and lacking in experience with motorcycles. But I love anything with two wheels, and am going off to college next year, so I want to buy a motorcycle for commuting. Now I realize that I dont have any experience with motorcycles, other than riding dirt-bikes, and that i need to be careful picking my first bike. I think its safe to say that most of you can sympathize with my hope that i could find a "sport" bike to buy. But I'm thinking that most "sport" bikes i have looked at so far have way to much power for me at this point, not to mention that i have to fund myself seeing how my parients being good parients told me only way i could do it is if i pay for it haha.
So i am just hoping that someone could throw in some good advice as to what bike to buy and what gear to buy. Such as jacket, helmet, etc.. .
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