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yet another noob

i figure rather than start a brand new thread i'll just ask in here. hopefully this is in the right place.

I recently completed Harley's "Riders Edge" course at the end of may and am now looking at getting a bike. For the time being i'm looking more at sport bikes. While i would ideally like a triumph daytona i know it is not going to happen. After flip flopping between reading posts on here and talking with people i haved decided to go with either a ninja 250 or the new cbr250.

what i'm asking here is for opinions of you all that have had experience with both/either bike.

some of the reviews i've read said that they can be a little uncomfy for taller people (I'm 6'3 and about 200lbs). For the rider course i took we were on Buell Blasts (if that helps at all).

If i go ninja i would like an 08 or newer just mainly because of the updated looks. if i go cbr250 then i realize i will have to get a new one seeing how i can't find any used ones right now. A few other things i have considered too (and please feel free to "put in my spot" with any of this). I like the digital speedo better on the cbr than the non-digital on the ninja. I like the way the exhaust looks on the ninja than the cbr, along with the mirrors.

I realize these are all cosmetic details and can probably be fixed once i own the bike.

One other thing i was wondering about was the carbureted ninja vs the fuel injected cbr. Thoughts on both carbureted and non? The bike would be my main mode of transportation. I live in NM so its sunny and dry 360 days of the year. from my understanding the carbureted bikes need time to warm up when its a little cooler out, true?

i think this is about it for now.

please don't hold anything back, if you think i'm being totally dumb let me know. I don't take offense to anything and i'm looking forward to hearing all your opinions.
1 - 2 of 459 Posts
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