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help me oh wise ones

so i am a very new rider, and am just looking into bike prices and what might interest me, as of now i'm torn between a sports bike, and a cruiser. i like the fact that with the cruiser i can easily fit another person and possibly mount saddle bags, to take stuff plus most are shaft driven. but i like the look of the sports bikes, but they aren't the nicest for a passenger, or luggage, and its a chain and sprocket. so i was considering starting with a street bike to maybe get it out of my system then move to a cruiser, but i don't know what you think?

also i'm 6'3" so i was wondering for the taller riders or those who know. could you tell me taller bikes sports and cuisers, i sat on my dad's 1300 yamaha venture royale, and could live with that leg room but it wasn't comfy and my dad is 6'2".

so all imput is appreciated! its all future referance kinda material, since i need to really grasp how to ride before i get my own bike.
1 - 1 of 459 Posts
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