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im looking into getting a bike but im barely learning and im a pretty big guy im like 6 feet tall and i dont know if i will look weird on a street bike what should i do i only have like 7 grand
I'm 6'2", and I ride a GS500F. I put bar risers on it so I'd be more comfortable. But realistically, you should be able to fit on a 250 (yes, I've ridden on a Ninja 250 too) to 500 cc sport bike, and that would have enough power to tote you around without getting you in trouble. If you're over 6'6", then one of those might feel rather cramped.

The other sort of bike I feel comfortable on would be a dual-sport. These things are really comfortable for tall guys. Sometimes I wish I had a KLR650 instead of my little sportbike, as the KLR really gives you room to stretch out.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need a huge engine to haul your weight around. My 500 will out-accelerate my car easily... and my car is a Corvette. I generally would say to stay under 60 hp for your first bike. Frame size also doesn't match closely to engine size in many cases - there are literbikes that are more cramped than a Ninja 250.

BTW, any of the bikes I mentioned as good first bikes could be bought new on your budget and leave you room for some really good gear and a riding course.
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