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New RoadRace Course In Central Pennsylvania?

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There is a new RR course NE of Harrisburg, off of I-81. Not sure if this is the one you're thinking of.

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here's the specifics re my reply:

Rausch Creek will run a WERA regional event or two, plus some track days.


BTW, it isn't Grandview, which is a dirt oval SW of Allentown.
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There is a new Road Race course in PA. It is called Rausch Creek Motorsports Park.

The park features a 2.33 mile road race course as well as a motorcross and atv park. The road race course will be open this spring and will host several WERA events. It is located 40 miles north of Harrisburg on RT. 81 in Valley View, PA.
Yes, there is a new road course being developed in Pennsylvania. You can visit to find out more information. The plans look awsome but no blacktop has been laid at this point. This area is becoming a motocyclist's dream - motocross park, off road riding area (tower city) and now the road course. The first date scheduled at the road course is for April 28, 2001 with our sportbike club.
The course looks great! I am a huge CART fan in addition to motorcycle racing. Any chance it'll get Champ Cars back into Penn? They lost Nazareth this year presumably because there were too many ovals in the schedule.
Bret, That was your chance to get a "plug" in. I found out about the track weeks ago surfing motorcycle links when I stopped and read the "ReDuc Sportbike Assoc." web page. And ReDuc has a nice graphic of the track (including an elevation change model). See more at Also, new to the AMA circuit this year is the Virginia International Raceway (an old circuit thats being resurected) located near Danville, Va. This is great news for those enthusiasts in the southeast. Charlotte (now Lowes) Motor Speedway hosted the AMA in 92 or 93 (lost my ticket stub so I can't verify the year, sorry) but after crashes that were believed to be the cause of abrupt asphalt changes where the infield met the high banking, it was decided not to return. I hope there is more done to promote these new tracks and the events there. Fans won't be there if they don't hear about it. Come on AMA, with SpeedVision and FOX competing to cover the roadrace events, how about advertising a little?Road Atlanta promotes the Big Kahuna Nationals and gets a pretty good turnout. Down here, if it aint NASCAR...noone hears about it. See you all at the races.
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I wasn't "plugging" but since you mentioned it. I ride with an organization called Northeast Sportbike Association, NESBA. Great Organization. You can find out more about it at Also, we do have dates at VIR and many other tracks. Assuming that Rausch Creek will be ready to go on April 28, we will be the first group to put a wheel on the track. You can see all the organizations that will be at Rausch Creek on their website.
umm, actually I was goading you to do a little "plugging". You'd be surprised how many riders still don't know about the many amateur race clubs they could join, where they could test their mettle on a track for a cost far less than the incurred fee of a lawyer and fines for a subsequent reckless driving charge. The more we publicize (or shamelessly plug), the higher memberships they (hopefully) will attain. Come on guys, MO has given us this open forum, send in information regarding your local amateur events. Lets make roadracing here in the states as big as "football" in the UK!
"rummors?" hate to b*tch, but come on! r-u-m-o-r-s. With all this money that will soon come in, you will be buying/using spellcheckers, won't you?
Insurance $$??

Hello, I'm looking for some help. I have a ' 99 ZX-6R that I pay approx. $390/year for full comprehensive insurance ($500 ded.) from one of the major, if not THE major bike insurer in the USA. That same Co. just quoted me over $ 1000 for a new '01 ZX-7R, same coverage limits. The question is : Does everyone pay almost TRIPLE for an extra 150 cc ?? Record is clean, I'm over 30, own a house. I don't want to name the Co. because their service is great otherwise, and I've had no problems, are friendly. Thanks for the feedback in advance.
Re: Insurance $$??

Well it could be that they just have 2 scales for engine size, and the over 600cc scale is much higher. I insure with State Farm (who also has my car, and renter's insurance), in Akron OH, and both my 600cc bikes (a 97 Bandit and a 2000 F4) are about the same cost. From what they told me their scales are almost entirely based on engine displacement (as far as specific things about the bike).

My guess is you also live in a very large metro area, with high crime. Consider one last thing, that ZX-7R (is that the Kawi superbike platform?) may be a red-flagged bike (like Hayabusas, and other bikes).
The new track is Raush Creek Motorsports Park, located off I-81 exit 33 north of Harrisburg. They have a full shcedule for 2001 including a WERA event in late May. Here is a link:

Hope this helps,

Go to There you'll find all tha answers you are looking for.
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