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I did something similar when I first started riding. I had a Yamaha Seca II (well used) as my first bike when I was about your age. After about 6 months of riding (just about every day, in any weather) I bought a (well used) Honda VFR. This bike was nowhere near the performance of the 600s you're looking at, but was a big, fast bike. I was just fine on it, but getting past my first year on that bike was due as much to luck as skill - of which I had very little.

If you've had some real training, ridden every day in your couple months, and are relatively mature - you could be fine on one of those bikes. But I wonder what it is you want it for? It seems like you don't really know anything about them, which may lead some here to assume that you're getting this because you want a "race" bike to pose on. If you want a different bike than you have now, (which is what, by the way?) than you really might want to consider something other than a homologated race bike with pricey tupperware. If a DS isn't your thing (as good as they are, it's not mine...), and I'm assuming you won't look at a 250 or "beginner" 500, you might want look at a mid-sized sporty standard. The SV650 (my current bike), the new Kawasaki 650s, Yamaha FZ6, Ducati Monster 695, etc. are all highly competent bikes that can more than handle track days or anything else you can possibly do. They are not slow, and because of the powerbands, can actually feel livelier than the high strung race bikes during normal street riding.

Of course, if all you're looking for is something to sit on and be seen on, then really, who cares.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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