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You should buy the Biggest, Fastest, Quickest-Accelerating bike you can tap-yourself-out to finance. (I personally recommend the '08 ZX-10 - it's got Traction Control!)

Then, wearing a Wife-Beater, Oakley's, a backwards-ballcap and cutoffs when you go pick it up - absolutely WOW the staff with your Manly Handling of said-same machine. Just jump on it, rev it to like 14-grand, slam-down the gearshift-lever, then dump the clutch.

I absolutely GUARANTEE you will be remembered for what kind of Man's Man you were as you left the Parking Lot, and make an impression on everyone in your path as to your Ridin' Skilz, Yo!

If you don't, you can't possibly be a Real Man.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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