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New Study Says Cars Typically at Fault in 2-Vehicle Wrecks.

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SOrt of pointing out the obvious, isn't he?
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Re: For those of you who didn't bother to read the story I have the W (condensed) ver

No I definitely do not get any joy from the fact that most riders who die in SC are over 35, ride cruisers, and don't wear helmets.. The German word Schadenfreude is not a word in the English language for good reason because the English traditions of sportsmanship, fair play, being a good sport/winner reject Schadenfreude as being unmanly, girlish, catty..
Re: You're 40 skimmer

Practice makes perfect..
Re: You're 40 skimmer

And down the rabbit hole we go......
Re: State of Denial

Well, that's enough for one day for me, SchadenKook.
I completely lost interest in that article when it said 64% weren't wearing helmets.
Re: You're 40 skimmer

And still we don't know (bleep)!
I'm filing this story under:

Capt. Renault - "I'm shocked - SHOCKED - to find gambling in Rick's establishment!! [as he pockets his winnings]
Re: State of Denial

Back to work for me. Thanks for the game.. I love sparing with you gentlemen. However, longride tends to jump to conclusions, ignores subtle things, underestimates my agrument then calls me names and gives up. You and Buz are more fun. As a result sometimes you guys have the better agrument and I concede that..


Screw the helmet stat (though significant)... what about the claim that many don't have the proper M license, and hence we can assume don't have basic training or awareness of how to street ride. Sad, if true!
Boys read the entire article.. Wait that is too much to ask. Right.

Well kpaul deduces that most motorcyclists who die in SC are over 35, not wearing helmets and ride cruisers.

Supporting assumptions most riders who are over 35 have cruisers and most sportbike riders wear helmets. I don't think these assumptions are way out there do you?

Oh yeah almost forgot. Also when there is a collision its the car drivers fault. Ok you can flame away now..
If Mr Malphus believes that "loud pipes save lives", I have to assume he's afraid of being run down by overtaking motorists - or does he have U-shaped exhaust pipes which project sound back toward the front, and which actually might help a little?

We Ducati owners really know that the only valid saying is that "Loud clutches save lives".

Fact: if you shop around, you can insure a Duc for less than other sport bikes of the same retail price. (Most insurance companies put the money in their pockets, or use it to help pay for acciodents by cruisers and Big 4 sport bikes, but keep looking.) Fact: the high pitched rattle from a Ducati clutch radiates in all directions, not just to the back.

Whoops, I just ran out of verifiable facts. Just take my word for it, or ask any Ducati owner.
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Unless you got one O' them trick Ti or carbon half-shields over the clutch - THEN it is mostly heard in the direction of the opening..........
Actually KP, I don't think you are really all that far off here; - granted, I believe you are making a few assumptions, and working with incomplete (to say the least!) data. I think perhaps you're using this article to support your pet grievance, but the POINT of the matter - that inexperienced, unlicensed "Sunday Riders" are probably the victims more oft than not - is reasonably sound.

Oh yeah - you seem to be on fire here lately with the submissions (and on overtime with the posts and replies!).
You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until it's closer to the election. It really gets bad during a presidential election. He'll be frantically posting multiple links to wacko political websites on every thread and calling everyone who doesn't like his candidate an idiot. Eventually he gets banned.

It sure is a lot different down here in Florida. My guess is that 80-85% of the motorcycle owners don't wear helmets. And many of them are cruiser riders, usually headed to the local tavern to have a few brews and swap lies about their motorcycling prowess., many sportbike pilots don't wear helmets either (hanging it off your helmet holder scores zippo credit in my rating system). They are almost as bad as the cruiser riders. Much as I hate the thought of it, when given a choice, the majority of the motorcycling populace are a bunch of complete idiots.
Re: For those of you who didn't bother to read the story I have the W (condensed) ver

Ya know, you are REALLY irritating.
Its OK to point it out to the general public who may not be aware of it, especially with all the talk going around about how dangerous motorcycles are: "scourges of the road" some dimwit was saying via mass media a few weeks back. We just had a big 18 wheeler turn over around here, caught fire, igniting a load of sawdust which couldnt be readily extinguished. Nor could the semi be uprighted till the fire went out. Net result, couple of fatalities and a major interstate completely shut down for 9 hours. No motorcycles involved.
Us VFR types believe that loud car gears save lives, and for any VFR to not have them IS JUST WRONG.

And while we're stating the obvious, sparring with the squid is like wrestling with a pig. You're both gonna get dirty, but the pig likes it.
That's CAM gears, of course. I hate it when I do that.
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