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New Suzuki V-Strom coming to America

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A few nice paint schemes. I dunno about paying something like $300 bucks more for a 'limited edition' paint scheme, tho. I dig the new Hayabusa colors. The DL looks ok, but now I'm mourning the demise of the TLS. :( I was crossing my fingers for a Hayabusa or GSX-R 1000 powered nekked bike. Oh well. Sigh.
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Well, the DL1000 is not the SV1000 that many of us wanted to see, but if it has optional hard bags like the other "adventure tourer" bikes, then I think Suzuki will sell enough of them to keep it around. I'm certainly going to try one out.
I guess I now know why I can't get a Cagiva Navigator. Does anyone know what kind of hp the Storm will have? Will it be a canyon carver with TL power or will it be a detuned dud. Also, what about a.b.s., heated grips, hard bags, taller shield and the rest of the desired items that this type of bike generally offers? I like it and would be interested.....haven't had a zuki in a while. Unless of course, Yamaha imports the FJR1300!!
Well, if I were Suzuki, I wouldn't look for this V-Strom to set any sales records. But, for a guy like me, this might be an option. Because I'm not looking to scrape my way around every curve, or run 175 down the highway. However, I do like a burst of power fairly often. I do like an upright seating position. I also like some wind protection, and a large tank so I can travel. This bike looks to weigh 80-100lbs. less than a bandit 1200, but with similar power, and a 6-speed tranny, as well as liquid cooling. Won't win any beauty contests though!
Hmm, any bike with the TL 1000 engine piques my curiousity. I love that v-twin sound! And I like the new paint for the gixxer sixer. But it sounds like Suzuki racing R&D is focusing on GP1, not WSB. I mean, an adjustable swingarm pivot on the 750? Isn't that just one more variable to confuse squids in search of "the perfect suspension setup"? Oh well, Suzuki seems to be doing all right in AMA superbike with their current setup. Maybe they deserve a break.
what a great starting point

granted it ain't a power bomb but get rid of the fairing and change the top tree and you have the beginings of a cool streetfighter. 2-3 years from now this will be a good bike to pick up for a streetfighter project. I however couldn't see doing it to a brand new bike though there are those who do and will. Streetfighters are so much more fun that sportbikes.


What exactly is a streetfighter? Just a high powered (torquey) naked bike?

Just when I thought I was going to replace my aging Nighthawk with a Bandit 1200, Suzuki comes

out with the DL1000. It looks like it will be comfortable, fast, and versatile. Man ! Suzuki you

are killing me ! Anyone looking for a nice old Honda ?

So is this Suzuki's belated response to the Yamaha TDM?
Re: Streetfighters

Basically. Go to to check em out. A lot of people use GSX-R1100's and Bandits to build streetfighters. A lot of them are pretty crazy looking, but look like they'd be fun as hell. I want one!
The V-Strom is just a bizarre machine. I don't think it will do good in the U.S. Elsewhere? Yes. But not here.

The new GSXRs? Ho-hum. Cookie cutter products, Suzuki rolling them out of the facory...ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk... At least the graphics on the MoviStar version DIFFERENTIATES it from the other Gixxers.
I really like the V-Strom, though I wonder why a practicality-oriented machine would ever have pipes so high. Wouldn't they cook your luggage or the legs of your passenger? Otherwise, though, a great new big standard (and a V-twin one at that!).

As for the MoviStar paint job, I'd rather have bamboo splinters shoved under my fingernails than ride a bike that looked like that. ICK!
Go to the UK...

...and buy an X11. It's a CBR1100XX-powered naked bike, though why anyone would want that much speed without a fairing is beyond me.
Heated grips, hard bags, tallershield, centerstand,and top box: YES! At least that is what the lit. I have says. They tell me that it will not be available until March and who knows about the add-ons.
What a bonehead exhaust system! I've got an idea let's make a sport touring bike that has severely inadaquate luggage capacity. Let's make it so you can't possibly go anywhere on it more than 4 hours away. Then sit on our brains and try and figure out why it doesn't sell. Get wise Suzuki and give us something we can go somewhere on and carry some fresh clothes with us. I bought a SV 650 but I won't be buying something for sport touring with high pipes.
You can take your busa to Deadhorse, Ak. if you like but I will take my V-Strom thank you.
Have you ever heard of an adventure bike?(BMW 1150GS)
Check out the highly rated Cagiva Navigator and Aprilia Capronord bikes. Their exhaust are in the same position as the V-Strom.

I said it wouldn't sell good in the U.S...I never said it was a POS. Jump to conclusions much?
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