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Re: New to street riding

Hi,I've been riding for about 10 yrs.I currently ride a 2006 Suzuki DR650 on forest sevice roads,back country roads,highway,and have riden on some tight trails,but use another bike for that.I ride all skill levels begininning to advanced).As a medium sized female,this bike is not too heavy,had it lowered in height,handles really well,can go about 140mls.on a tank with reserve.
This bike in my opinion has done very well in all types of riding and does well on the highway (alot better than my 1996 XT350).
We spend our summers riding & camping with groups of people with all kinds of bikes and it is hard to find one that is the best fit for both.KlR's are good,but some yrs.need modifying,heavier bike,nice size gas tank,better for the road.
Hope this helps!
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