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New Triumphs

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>The Thruxton is a Bonneville dressed as a cafe racer. The motor has 65 more cc of grunt. It has clip-ons and high pegs.

Is it gonna look like Bonneville Ace Replica;

I donno what the production model looks like but that 2.2L triple thing just look ugly.
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Check out the story and pictures at for the poop on the Rocket III.

Somebody told me the thing has a 250 series back tire, and will beat a Hayabusa to 60 mph! You think Triumph is going to sell a harness to keep people from peeling themselves off the bike?
Triumph announces a 140bhp 2.3 litre MOTORCYCLE

Uuuhhh, no thank you....
Finally a man's bike

Look at this baby! After the first news came out and I saw the stamp size picture I was drooling, then there were confirmed rumours that it was canceled. But it came anyway.

Like my fat-boy first tricked to 93hp and then fitted with a third cylinder for a good measure. And look at the torque. Whoopee.

Wow, another ugly multi-cylinder cruiser. I guess Honda aren't the only ones that don't understand the importance of attractive styling in this market.
I'd be much more interested in the Thruxton than the Rocket three, when do we get pictures of that

Triumphs heritige is cafe` racers, I don't know why they insist on stuff like this.
I dunno, but 140hp/147tq has a way of curing a lot of sins...
In the pictures it looks to be wearing Dunlop D208 tires, in which case it sure wouldnt be a 250, in fact no larger than a 200
errrrr, never mind, them aint 208's.

saw a smaller pic and only the edges of the tires.

Jeez, that Rocket 3's ugly, like a cross between a tote-goat and a Boss-Hoss. Maybe a Boss Goat? Tote Hoss? Uck.

No, strike that, looks like a cross between an Henderson Four and a Cushman Super Eagle.

Give an Englishman a piece of metal and he's bound to do something silly with it...
Looks to me like Triumph isn't playing the,"let's all introduce the same motorcycle at the same time, so we can all stay in business together" game the way the Japanese do. That, and not blaming the customer when something goes wrong. It's a nice change after 30 years.
The styling is critical on the Thruxton. Those bikes were custom made and each was a little different depending on what the owner likes. It needs to have neutral styling and be flexible to customizing. I ws hoping to see the Bonneville made that way, but was disappointed when it came out. Plus it was a good 50lbs overweight.
"Looks to me like Triumph isn't playing the,"let's all introduce the same motorcycle at the same time, so we can all stay in business together" game the way the Japanese do."

Huh? Why would any of the Japanese want their competitors to stay in business? And since when do they all introduce all their products at the same time? And since when are they all making the same motorcycle?
Those are Metzeler ME 880's on there. And yes, they come in a 250 size.
Yeah, How dare they make another non V-twin!!! Why thats what a cool MC is suppose to look like! And...the dumb bike will make real power right out of the box. They can't do that!!!! You are supposed to buy the bike, then buy the pipes, then buy the jet kit, then try and rejet, then take it for a dyno tune, then get a bigger carb, then rejet, redyno tune, then have that Valkerie each your lunch, swear at it, then get online and see how much more can be done with a few thousand more. Damn bikes aren't suppose to be powerful util you pay,pay,pay. and take pleasure with a whole 73 H.P. Weee!!! Want these bike mfg. ever figure out what we like?
You missed my point. The point is that no one will buy a fast, ugly multi-cylinder cruiser, because it is ugly. It doesn't matter how fast it is- you could give this bike (or the Rune) 400hp and people still wouldn't buy it. If you understood anything about cruisers you would know this. Style is king in this game, hp is not.
Triumph Rocket III

For all the naysayer's that the Rocket looks ugly, please remember that most Harley's are pretty basic until customized and we haven't seen a Rocket customized. However, with a zero-to-sixty in only 2.3 seconds perhaps no one ever will. Factory insiders say they have pulled two hundred horsepower out of it; it will be sold with one hundred and forty horsepower out-the-door. Throw some Performance Machine wheels and controls on this pup; a Headwinds headlight(s); lower it a bit; trick out the license plate and turn signals; add pullback risers different handlebars and you've got a nice custom.

Hats off to Triumph for breaking the mold in a unique way and all the success in the world. I hate to say it, but maybe we are seeing a downward trend in Harley's, there is going to be way too much competition being unleashed this coming year. And yes, I love Harley's.
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What's wrong with the Rune???

Geez, man, I admint the exhausts are a little over the top, but are you picky or something? The Rune looks like it ALREADY has 400 HP...

I notice that Honda hasn't said how many lb-ft it actually puts out. Anybody wanna bet against it in the stump pull?
I can't remember how many issues ago it was, but I saw a picture in Motorcyclist of what the new Sprint was supposed to look like. Could have been a generated pic, but man, it was easily one of the best looking bikes I've seen in awhile. I guess Triumph is waiting to launch it or it was invented out of the minds of the evil Butcher and his minions.
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