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New Triumphs

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>The Thruxton is a Bonneville dressed as a cafe racer. The motor has 65 more cc of grunt. It has clip-ons and high pegs.

Is it gonna look like Bonneville Ace Replica;

I donno what the production model looks like but that 2.2L triple thing just look ugly.
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It was my time machine that took me back to my hot rod years that's for sure. Man I got in alot of trouble on that bike! Thanks... now I'm missing it again. (sniff)
When was the V-max neutered? I rode a new one last year and it was just as fast as any of the old ones.
When the VMax was neutered they must have snipped the wrong parts because it still went like nuts.
Amen Brother! It's almost too much. Did I say that? What I mean is that it is approaching too much. I applaud another choice!!! I would love to test ride one and reserve my opinion for what it is like to ride not just look at.
All these comments and only one mentioning the old E-H/Indian fours. I think Triumph is onto something with this, that they will scoop up more than a few riders looking for an inlike engine like the old Indians (and which the new Indian (harley clones) is blowing by not cashing in on at the moment. Look at the BMW cruisers, and it starts making a lot of sense... then again, I see plenty of unsold V-Rod's sitting around at various dealers.

Eh. The Rocket is definitely not for me, though. I'm more excited about the new cafe Bonnie.

Really? I can count on one hand the BMW cruisers I've seen on the street since their introduction. You must live in an area that's thick with BMW fans.
You seem incapable of understanding that just because hp isn't the first priority doesn't mean it isn't important on some level.

If you think that cruisers are worthless crap because hp isn't a first priority, then by your reasoning your bike is equally worthless crap unless you own a Hayabusa, since to you hp is king. So tell me, why did you settle for a lesser bike?

That's exactly my point. Very few people will buy this (or any) bike simply because of the power- they have to like the styling also. Some people will, but I think most people won't. That's why I think that blanket statements that this bike will sell only because of the power are incorrect.

I' m not sure if I am the one you are referring to, but if so, I'm not saying that different is bad- in this case, different is ugly and ugly will not sell. If someone can make a non V-Twin cruiser that looks good, more power to 'em. It just hasn't really happened yet.
By the way, have you ever ridden any of the new performance cruisers? They will embarass a 600 in any roll-on under 100 mph, and for an average skilled rider they will be quicker up to 60 from a stop. To me that's pretty fast.

Re: What's wrong with the Rune???

Personally, I start at the radiator shell and see '32 Ford. By the time I get to the "Hot Wheels" rims, then back to the bars, I've said 'wow' about six times. Granted, it also reminds me of an Amazonas, but that flat six ain't gonna look small, no matter how you try to lead the eye. Bottom line, these are more toys than bikes, ain't everybody got to like 'em for them to be a success.
I, Sir, gladly except your bet!!!!! This bike has been made for the American market and if the magazines back up the info i've heard so far.....well, I think Rocket lll's will be scarce on dealers floors next year!!!!!
What, ugly does not sell???

Of course ugly and heavy will sell, as long as there is a lump-of-an-engine fitted. Look at the V-8 pick-up trucks, surely you have seen some of them capn.

What, V-ROD sitting around at dealers?

So is V-ROD actually selling? If you read power cruiser comparo, it become third after Valk and VMAX.

However, thats the official result. But if you take your time & tally the testers' personal points, it was only sixth (out of seven). And this is the bike some are reputed to pay 100% over already hefty sticker???

I'll bet you will even ACCEPT my bet! LOL The only way it will be scarce, is if they don't make many. Honda made the Rune "scarce" for good reason. Over/Under is 3000 units, which basically sucks for sales. I got under. You want over?
On another Note

Oh, and that new 600 Triumph that is fantastic, unbelieveable, winner of IOM, and the greatest thing since sliced bread? Dealer has 2 of em sitting in there right now, and one is a demo. Probably the same 2 he got originally. Same fate for this thing if they make them in any numbers.
Re: What, V-ROD sitting around at dealers?

V-Rods are dime-a-doz at the dealer these days. The dealer closest to me has 4 sitting on the floor right now with no takers. I hear they are playing let's-make-a-deal on em too. Not interested.
In line 4 Indians

Actually, there were others before Indian... Ace and Henderson, for example. In fact, Indian acquired Henderson (and the in-line 4 in the deal) during the Depression. It was WWII that spelled the doom of that in-line 4 iteration. Indian never fully recovered; and, the post-Korean War recession drove the stake home. BTW, it was the Indian Motocycle Company (note the absence of the expected "r" in the legal name).
So how do you like your RS? I've got an '01 and love it! I seriously drooled over the Carlo Talamo designed RSS in Motorcyclist, though. Man, I wish they'd start producing that one...

Cheers -- and good riding!

"Looks like a Sunbeam gone bad"

good point. Sunbeam gone bad and MAD.
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