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i test-rode a rocket iii and it was WAY fun, 'cept my feet kept parachuting off the pegs at speeds above 100 (don't tell the dealer). if yamaha can top the rocket then i think they should. screw the safety-crats and their anal-retentive hand-wringing. bring on the Big Iron.

but what i REALLY would lust for is the rocket iii engine in a touring platform. there aren't enough "Os" in "toooorque" to describe that engine, and as such it could rewrite performance standards for touring bikes. i love my K1200LT but the motor is pretty anemic. i figure a rocket would wake it up nicely, at the cost of a rather severe hike in tire spinage (and therefore replacement costs).

so bring on the rocket iii tourer and shoehorn the max into a touring bike too, while you're at it.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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