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Re: On the 8th day God created the V-Max

V4's are great.

I had an original Saber. It was a piece of crap. It took mighty Honda a couple of years to get it right. Stuffing V4's into bikes isn't easy. They are necessarily more complex, as well as more expensive to manufacture. The Sabre was a pain to work on, and oh boy, did that top end need work.

Anyway V4's are still great.

I am amazed that there is not a single one in automobile production and I am not sure there has EVER been one. Certainly not in the modern era. It is insane to me that there are all these sub 3 liter V6s out there and no V4's.

Then again, who am I to question every auto design team in the world.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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