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New Victory Sportbike?

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Perhaps Mr. Buell's loyalties are not so well-established as we all thought....
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Re: This, too!

Cool thanks man.
Another Eric Buell? You gotta love this country

Isn't this how Eric started? I have to say that the Victory Engine looks much prettier than that there Sportser engine in the Firebolt. Love it. Tell the Polaris engineer we admire his innovation and ability to pull it off. This country is full of guys like this thats what makes us special i.e. the dream that starts in the garage turns into the next Apple, HP, Buell, etc. Even if 99% of these efforts never make to that level its cool people have the guts to thing out on the track for everyone to see.
I hadn't heard that. That's the best news I have heard today.


closet Buell lover (someday I'll come out of the closet)
Re: Another Eric Buell? You gotta love this country

Oh that hurts. Probably true though :). Have you been talking to my wife? She says I do that. i.e. I don't see the middle age gut starting to take hold. I still see myself as I was in my twenties. Handsome, athletic, perfect in every way :)
Kingpin a modern classic? Chick Magnet?

I love the looks. And you know I don't like all cruisers. It looks modern but yet classic. Have to say I like the looks better than the V-Rod which seems contary to my modern looking preference to things. i.e. Kingpin looks more old school classic cruiser than the V-Rod. My wife said when I was looking at a picture "Hey whats that?" Maybe its a chick magnet too.
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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