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New Victory Sportbike?

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Perhaps Mr. Buell's loyalties are not so well-established as we all thought....
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It looks really homemade, but it does give Polaris the opportunity to test for interest in such a bike without spending a dime. That said, this thing looks so derivative of a Buell; it would be doomed on the sales room floor from the get go. The last I checked, Buell's weren't flying out of dealers. The market for this type of machine isn't large enough for two manufacturers.

However, the machine could be technically legal for the new Formula Extreme. If Polaris could field a competitive bike, the sportbike landscape could truly change. I'd love to see big air-cooled twins smacking around 600s
...with flat tires, no fluids, and no lightbulbs. haha

He's not far off. Modern sportbikes with street-legal hardware tend to fall somewhere after 400 lbs.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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