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New Victory Sportbike?

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Perhaps Mr. Buell's loyalties are not so well-established as we all thought....
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Re: Tiny man likes tiny bikes.

That's not what the stock report sez. HD *overall* is up 21.8%. Check Schwab or here:
Could it be that you never talked to him because he was waaaay ahead of you? LOL
Not on that bike he wasn't. I am criticising the bike, not the rider. He races, he's probably much better than me, but not aboard that thing.
Re: Another Eric Buell? You gotta love this country


and you probably look in the mirror and see a handsome guy. Funny how the eyes can play those tricks.
Re: Kingpin

I saw the Kingpin with a nice paint job and it appealed to me. Nice looking ride. Vegas motor has power.
Re: Another Eric Buell? You gotta love this country

Oh that hurts. Probably true though :). Have you been talking to my wife? She says I do that. i.e. I don't see the middle age gut starting to take hold. I still see myself as I was in my twenties. Handsome, athletic, perfect in every way :)
Kingpin a modern classic? Chick Magnet?

I love the looks. And you know I don't like all cruisers. It looks modern but yet classic. Have to say I like the looks better than the V-Rod which seems contary to my modern looking preference to things. i.e. Kingpin looks more old school classic cruiser than the V-Rod. My wife said when I was looking at a picture "Hey whats that?" Maybe its a chick magnet too.
...with flat tires, no fluids, and no lightbulbs. haha

He's not far off. Modern sportbikes with street-legal hardware tend to fall somewhere after 400 lbs.
That's a fluid catch pan, to keep a ruptured engine from turning the track into an icerink for the rest of the day. Just about all racing organizations require them these days. That is one of the uglier ones, granted, but this is a handmade one-off, not a showroom model.
JohnnyB's numbers may be off a bit....but Buell is having a record sales year. The press that the XB12s are getting should continue that.
Maybe so, but this was in Brainerd, which means it had to be fish cutting board. Uff da.
Re: Kingpin

Buz, just curious, what kinda audio system ya got on your ride?
Re: Another Eric Buell? You gotta love this country

I've got those same rose colored glasses.
Re: Kingpin

It's just the stock H-D cd player with four speakers. Nothin' fancy or upgraded.

The nicest feature is that the volume adjusts automatically based on speed. When you slow down to pull up to a stoplight it quiets down quite a bit so you don't blast yourself and the surrounding vehicles.
Re: Kingpin

My little sister's pickup truck (now my mother's, I was the lucky fellow that got to trade their cars over New Mexico -> Virginia and back) does that. It was very wierd until I figured out what it was doing. Of course, I spent most of my time on the freeway, so there wasn't a lot of data points, but I was very confused about what sounded like the radio getting louder as I got on the onramps, until I figured out that was exactly what it was doing. :)

Re: This, too!

Dang that's cool.

twin-cylinder, 700cc two-stroke engine, 140 bhp, 275 lbs

Wow. I want one!

Google says the R1 is 382 dry, 426 wet, and the Warrior is 606 dry, 658 wet. But I've got 100 ft/lbs vs: the R1's 75, so if I lost 100 lbs (aluminum or composite tank, fender, R1 wheels, swingarm, mated to Warrior drive pulley, though, perhaps, a couple teeth smaller, and a smaller, better designed frame) I might be able to keep up in spite of the severe rev handicap and the the lack of a 6th gear. Pretty sad for 700 cc's more displacement, but, hey, pushrods and air cooled. It would be unique, though, and that's a good thing. If I lost 150 lbs... I could *really* make it go. And then if I did some work to the internals, programming, and induction system on the engine, it could also make more power. (And get even worse gas mileage... ;) In fact, that would be one major advantage of raising the gas tank and leaving the motor where it was, the airbox would eat less of the tank's volume, and it might actually develop a decent range. Plus, while I was at it, I could make the sportbike of my dreams, namely, one that fits.

Yes, I realize it's somewhat hubristic for someone without a full engineering team to talk about improving the frame design, but they were also handicapped by a certain set of aesthetic limitations (they intentionally made the frame look like a welded tube style 'old-school' bike frame) even though it's aluminum. So there is probably room for improvement. And, I'm a welder, a machinist, a computer programmer, and I have an engineering degree, so it's not impossible.

Ah well, I have to finish building my car first. (Not to mention pay off the bike, before I start taking it apart... ;)

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