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New XB12Ss

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First post!His r6 will smoke ya,but that,s not the point,Buell,s are lovely ,but remember no wind protection.Is this your first bike.My advice ride for yourself,don,t worry about doing what everyone else is doing ,If you are doing this because of status rather than fun,then don,t do it.
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As we all saw last weekend in Daytona, the only thing that can beat a racing R6 is a CBR600RR. With the Buell don't forget to get roadside assistance, none of them even finished the race.
the r6 will smoke the buell?

that's a bit like saying my dad can beat up your dad...

it's only half true - the r6 is a track tool, high revving lots of hp up top and almost no torque to speak of, well relative to the xb

the buell makes more torque at 3grand than the r6 ever will

the premise - pick your battles, stay away from any situation you can't torque yourself out of [long straights!?]

congrats on joining the family [i'm a tuber owner]

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On the street, you are limited by visibility/conditions anyway, so who cares.

On a buell: replace the taillamps/turn signals with LEDs. The vibration at idle is something awful, and vibration kills conventional light bulbs.

I figured maybe wrongly that his friend on the r6 would probably race him from light to ight etc,since he,s a newbie on the bike.
Are you new to street bikes or just to this area?

Before you do any "knee dragging" Please do take advantage of the safety classes that are offered by the military. If I were you, I'd save the racing for track days. Yes a Sunday morning top end run on the Autobahn is OK, but watch your butt, because it's also serious business. (Think bug and car window?)

While you are over there, I highly recommend riding the Dolomites in Italy and the Swiss Alps. Your Buell will be perfect for this. The short wheel base works well on the insane turns you will find there.

Don't forget to explore up north as well. From anywhere in Germany most of the WWII battle sights are within a days ride.

Also, If you haven't done so already, take a long weekend and ride up to Amsterdam. The RLD is a hoot. Be sure to check out the Bull Dog Cafe, it has a few tables out on the sidewalk where you can look out over parts of the RLD. Other "must sees" in A-dam are the Anne Frank house (close to the western church or Westerkirk) and The Wax Museum (it's right on Dam Square) There are tones of other things to see as well, far too many to list here...Be safe and enjoy!

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First off- Congrats! I haven't ridden the long version, but I have ridden standard Lightnings and I've got over 21k miles on my '04 Firebolt. These bikes rock!

As for racing- the bikes can't ride themselves. Outside of racing in a straight line, the only way anyone outruns anyone else is by out-riding them. If your buddy can ride better than you he's going to eat your lunch whether you're on an EX500 or an R1. On the other hand, your XB12 is easier to ride than his R6. You've got a much more usable powerband with way more low end power stuffed into a more stable chassis. His bike makes more peak power, but he has to rev to over 10k rpm to get it. This should allow you to out power him coming off of corners and get a better exit speed.
Even then the R6 rider better know what he's doing to get away from the Buell. The XB12 has so much more low end power that he should be able to crush him off the line and leave the R6 to play catch up.
Interesting with more than 50,000 miles on rubber mounted Harleys I have yet to lose a taillamp bulb due to vibration.

Thanks for the advice though!
I don't think the R6 is going to smoke him except on a long straight. Buells are very easy to ride quickly because they're so much less "busy" than a 600.

Anway, it's the rider that counts, not the bike.
More like- "the only thing that can beat a factory-prepped R6 piloted by a professional is a factory-prepped 600RR piloted by another professional."

McWilliams put his Buell in the top 10 and dropped out of the race due to a fail timing wheel that was fabricated at the last minute when production parts didn't arrive in time.

All of the Buells ran in the top 20 and were climbing until they hit mechanical issues. Two of them failed due to poor castings on the clutch parts. The killer is that the parts they used in testing had held up fine, but the teams wanted to use fresh parts for the race. It tuns out the fresh parts were all bad castings.

McWilliams had climbed all the way to 7th place, Rico and Crevier made it to 11th and 12th, all for a small fraction of the budget that the FX Hondas have on a bike with very limited development time.
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I've got 40k miles on Buells. When a turn signal or tail lamp finally blows I'll know it was from all that vibration.
Save your keyboard

There are an awful lot of Buell/H-D experts here who have neither ridden nor owned one.
Buell's handle so dang good they can make mincemeat out of most anything from Japan given the right circumstances (read that corners and short straights).

Picture if you will an F1 Williams chassis with a Hudson Twin-H Power flathead six motor/transmision.

I've got 2 little rising sun decals up by the steering head on my XB9SX.

One more and I'm an ace.
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I thought you needed five kills to become an ace.
Re: Save your keyboard

Even with all other things being equal, it is doubtful that Buell will be winning many races without one of the top echelon riders.
With over 75,000 miles on my '92 FLHS, 66,000 miles on my Norton commando 850 and over 50,000 miles on my Triumph 650 Tiger I've yet to loose a tailight bulb due to vibration. in fact those items are among the most reliable.
The experience at Daytona seemed to be porous clutch hubs. You're not planning to race at Daytona are you?
>Anway, it's the rider that counts, not the bike.

If anyone says this, look what he´s riding and buy something else. Even he knows he´s got a dud.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Save your keyboard

Do you really have Buells and 600´s in the same track competition? What the hell is that?

- cruiz-euro
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