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New XB12Ss

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First post!His r6 will smoke ya,but that,s not the point,Buell,s are lovely ,but remember no wind protection.Is this your first bike.My advice ride for yourself,don,t worry about doing what everyone else is doing ,If you are doing this because of status rather than fun,then don,t do it.
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I'm neither new to the street bikes nor new to the area, been over here a little over a year. We are already planning trips to the Alps on the bikes, I was just there last month ( car ), and all I could imagine the entire time was experiencing those turns on a bike. I used to work at a Suzuki / Yamaha dealership as a technician so I have ridden everything from a Burgman to a Hayabusa; and yes I have already taken the MSF courses, like 5 yrs ago. Thanks for the input.
Thanks for the input, we don't intend to "race" we are probably just going to f*ck around. My dealer just sent me an email today saying he got a memo from Buell about my bike... not sure what all this is about....
Yeah, I anticipated being able to kill him from standing starts, and in the turns; but I highly doubt the rolling-starts. We aren't going to be doing any serious "racing" just messing around mostly. the dealership sent me an email today... something about a memo from buell. no news on that until thurs though
Actually I am having my bike delivered there so I can race it there, then I am going to ride it over the ocean to Germany... that's my pla at least. No, just kidding. I am not going to be doing any serious racing... what some like to call "light-light".
1. Done

2. It's a tradition to hand it down... I'll leave the owners name in the will.

3. Done

Well, now that I have everything done, I'll just sit and wait...

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I am going to make the dealership do all of the above while i am overlooking everything, seeing as how it is like a 50 mile ride from the dealership to my residence. Dealer emailed me about how he got a memo from buell... better not be bad.
Yeah, gotta love Ramstein, I actually live in Landstuhl. Thanks for the link! And as far as the gear goes, I plan on it. Thanks.
Thanks guys! I submitted another post you's might want to check out, or better yet; I'd appreciate if you looked at.
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