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New XL 1200N Nightster From Harley-Davidson.

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Here we go.....again.
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The Frack you say!
Is it grayscale or color? Your bros will never know.
Thread degeneration starts in 5 4 3 2........
improved front brake lever effort.

Those brakes are MASSIVE. Good thing it's not fast.
how is this anything more than Bold! New! Graphics!? still the same polished turd with an antique tractor motor that it ever was.
It's cool but it will not sell. It's simply not fast enough at the track and will get circles run 'round it by 600 4's. This is the benchmark by which we guage motorcycles now, in case anybody missed it.

That outta do it...
It looks like they were aiming at two mutually-exclusive targets. The front end says "1957 Sportster", the rest says "Billy Bike chopper." They just don't work together.

Now, a retro Sportster - that's cool and do-able. Fork gaiters, covered rear shocks, maroon-and-cream paint, flat seat. That'd be just the ticket for grabbing a Five Dollar Shake at Jack Rabbit Slim's.
You really have got to admire Harley's penchant for line extensions. 73 different bikes in each line that are virtually identical and it still seems to be working for them.

I kinda like the looks of this thing but it seems like anyone over 5' 5" tall is going to have a tough time fitting on it.

So, it's basically a 1200 Custom with some black paint and a few cosmetic doo-dads and a goofy name.

They'll probably sell them all.
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And mid-bike controls!
Hmm. A Street Bob is what, $13,500 MSRP? If the Nightster comes in around $10-11k (and I can get a saddle intended for someone with an inseam longer than Vern Troyer's) we may have a basis for some hagglin'.
Yeah, that's what I was getting at. I love to ride around with my knees in my face.
Finally got the specs to come up, and yep, ~$9595 in black, $9990 in two-tone.

Of course, it surely won't sell nearly as well as the two-year-old NOS sportbikes at yer local HonKawa SuzYam ATV and watersports store do...

Being over 6' tall I too would have little use for this particular motorcycle, however it certainly is good looking it the retro style of bikes that I grew up wanting and riding. It's a shame that Harley can't seem to make a motorcycle that doesn't weigh more than five or six hundred pounds.
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin---Press Release---

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is pleased to announce it has successfully concluded discussions with FIM to homologate the XL 1200N Nightster into World Superbike competition for the 2007 season.

Motor Company Senior Executive Vice President for the Technical Styling of Officers, Erik B.B. Davidson said, "We believe that with the technical backing of Kleenexx Ducati, who have the expertise to bribe sanctioning bodies at will, the new Nightster will be competitive at the WSBK level." Asked about the recent prediction by the GMP that "Twins are dead in Racing," Davidson commented, "Um, yeah. We're kinda worried about that. I mean, reality obviously conforms itself to his ravings. Just look at our bikes. His incoherent ramblings about engineering set metallugy back 50 years in an 800 mile radius! We really got screwed on that one. Actually, we're just hoping the GMP doesn't notice us out on the track. We're thinking if we can cover the Nightster with "RR" graphics and a really corpulent rider, the bike will be masked to the GMP, and he won't be able to see us from his orbiting Thetan Alien platform. Only then will we have a fighting chance."

Harley-Davidson is the world's largest manufacturor of heavyweight motorcycles and Thetan Alien refutations. Go online at
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NIGHTSTER??? That name reminds me of the 90's and the witty use of someone's first name followed by 'ster'.
You know the question.

Is this a chick's bike?

These "new" models are getting laughable. It won't sell. Does anyone in Milwaukee leave town once in while? Or are they like folks in longride's hood never go anywhere.. I think HD needs a left coast design bureau...
Ah yes

Ah the Buzster, the Buzaroni, the Buzly .

I think it's from a skit off of Saturday Night Live.. The dude that sat next to the copy machine thing.. I think Dennis Miller played the character until he was abducted by the Faux News Channel to be W's personal comedian. His career has been in downward spiral ever since. Much like the GPTBs intellect and sexual ability.
Hey Buzster this new Nightster has you written all over it.
Don't take my word for it, but...

This thing is going to sell well. Bobbers are the "in-thing" and this machine with the stupid name is going to sell well. If only other manufacturers were as smart as H-D...

Current sportster owners are going to look at the parts on this bike and say, "hmm, maybe I can buy a bobbed fender..." or "I want the side mount license plate on my bike"

for the record I asked my non-rider coworker what he thought and he said, "That's a mean looking bike!"
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