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News Flash: MO's Looking Betta

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Wait a minute, this sounds naughty, but isn't: Stickie Strong is not an adult film star! What a funny nickname for young Elliot The Internal! Ha ha!
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So what can you tell us about this "top-secret" track test. I have had top secret clearance for about 12 years now, so lets have it!
Those wallpapers look pretty good. I'd like to request some of the V-Strom, please. And maybe a few of the ST-1300.
From now on, all pictoral postings from MO must exclude old staffers such as Hackfu, and even old new staffers (that'd be you, JB), and MUST include new staffers such as Hoochie, SisterMary, and Ashley. If you link the subscription to their pics, revenue will increase - yeah, yeah, stickie, too, gotta throw the feminine MO subbers a bone.
Where'd all these wimin come from? One minute it's ugly blokes trying to make us think they can ride sportsbikes, then the next it's high fashion in the motorcycle world ( and gratuitous butt shots ( Oh be still my beating heart! Where'd the real MO go? Wherever that is you can leave it there. ;)
I think the title should be "MO's Looking Betty". Seriously though, I can think of nothing I would like less than having a high-res shot of a Vulcan as my computer wallpaper. At least there's some females hanging around the office now because isn't that the point of riding a motorcycle?

In closing I would like to say nice Sugar Ashley!
Welcome to MO boy and girls. Now get to work!

PS. Getting beer for JB is not work.
Wow, a real biker reading MO!

The Sugar 1 belongs to my friend Jay, big brother to Hoochie. That picture was taken in Moab -- we went mountain biking and skiing in Winter Park, CO for a month at the beginning of the year -- where I got the skinned knee (see my staff page) from jumping off a big ledge that a bunch of boys were afraid to go off. Jay did it too, then we both did it again for the camera and both crashed. Hard!

Actually, the MOites own, that's what I'm mostly going to be working on... Kim too. Little known factoid: SisterMaryKim got third in USCF Masters

National Time Trials a few weeks ago, she's insanely fast!

See less See more

More two-wheeled goodness.

Oh my Gawd! El_Flaco looks like Hunter S. Thompson with that gun and all!
You should always post an article on fridays.

I promise you more people hit this web site

friday - sunday than any other three days.

If this is not your policy than your head editor is spending too much time riding. Don't believe

me ? Ask Your IT Guy. Is your head editor a MO or a SMO ?
Working for MO must be a great job for chicks! You get to ride the newewst bikes and as an added bonus, you get yer daily aerobics by being chased around the desk all day by male staffers.

I take that as a compliment. HST's a great writer and I admire him. I still can't believe that he's still alive and kicking after all these years of excess.
Loved the wallpaper stuff. I make my own screensavers so I put your burnout pic in my screensaver . So many guys who ride have come by office and asked who is that girl. I passed on the url. So maybe you guys will get so new subscribers.

Ashley you are hot and so are you friends. Great stuff made my Friday.
Absolutely. We're always willing to interview women for staff positions. Please send all photos (resumes optional) to [email protected]...
New MO Staff assignments in case you missed the meeting.

The results of MO's outside media consultant had led to the following new assignments:

[*]All bike reviews must include burnout pics done by Ashley, [*]Track pics by Houchie in that Ducati Jacket (give it up Burns) [*]The ever important Street Test will be done by Sister Mary. [*]Stickie gets the Strip (ah drag strip) shots building on his drag racing and Chipendale experience(yes we found out kid, Deja Vu in SeaTac ring a bell). [*]Burns has been reassigned to the new gear section to master his skills i.e. getting assignments done in a timely matter. [*]Hackfu becomes head of Q section [*]Minime continues as Dr. Evil wannabe.

I know I really should be above this...

I've NEVER seen a burn out photo that inspired much more than a 'glad I'm not paying for those tires' reaction. Now I find myself thinking 'tires?'.

All that and biking too. Moab? The 'race of truth'? Very cool. Now my subscription fee is starting to look more than justified.

Does this mean I'm a heathen? Maybe, but I'm not the one who posted those photos!

Very nice.
Hi Ashley,

Mmmmmmm.....Moab. Actually I've never been although I did get out to Northstar in Tahoe last year. Otherwise I spend my time slogging through mud and ruining drivetrain components here in the east. I did a 24 hours of Snoeshow race on a Sugar 1 so when I saw it in your picture I had to say something! I'd love to know what's going on with so how about a little inside info?

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